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Airports in Peru

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Information about Peru
Population: 30 135 875 (2012)
Capital: Lima 7 605 742 inhab. (2007)
Official Languages: spanish
Main cities: Lima, Cusco, Piura, Trujillo, Arequipa.


According to your nationality, before planning your trip, please check with the embassy or consulate of Peru in your country of residence, if you need Visa in order to enter the country. Make sure to have the health insurance required and the valid passport, as well.

In addition to passport and visa, if you plan to travel to Peru, whether for business or pleasure, we suggest to review the following information: International Airports - Airport Safety Rules - baggage allowance, size and weight restrictions - Most visited cities - Driving in Peru - Electricity - Time Zone - Business hours - National Holidays - Weights and Measures - Rules of Etiquette and Commercial Practices


Currency: Nuevo sol (S/.) (PEN)

Time Zone: (GMT-5)


Vaccination needed for traveling to Peru

Vaccination data up to july 2012:


- Obligatory vaccines: None
- Recommended vaccines: Yellow Fever (for travelers who visit the jungle up to 2,300 meters (7,545 ft). If you only travel to Cusco and Machu Pichu it is not necessary); Tetanus-diphtheria, Pertussis, MMR vaccine, Hepatitis A.