Latest reviews

“Worst airport”

magnus hussey - richmond, Australia - April, 05, 2018

“Very busy always and the crew is not really polite. Despite of that, is a big airport”

Patrick Nicholson - Perth, Australia - November, 25, 2016

“a very budget airport built just for Ryanair flights nearby Paris.”

Aaron Nissman - haifa, Israel - November, 25, 2016

“The best airport I ever visited.”

Mubbak Mamba - New Delhi, India - November, 25, 2016

“A very small airport, taking into account that have much traffic.”

Nick Menza - Berlin, Germany - November, 25, 2016

“Nothing to complain, except for the food and shops.”

Deborah Claxton - Vancouver, Canada - November, 25, 2016

“I have to stayed overnigh for an early flight to Istambul and there are almost nothing open at nite. And no confortable seats to get some rest. During open hours restaurants and cafes are great. Wifi is ok but just for a while. Then you have to pay.”

Jane Zimmerman - Cologne, Germany - November, 25, 2016

“No so good stuff for eating, but probably because food in UK is not the best in the world. The rest very good”

Tom Aldrich - Fresno, Unites States - November, 25, 2016

“Incredible airport. The duty free center is enormeous. Food is great, to stay overnite is very friendly because all services are on around the clock. The only black spot is the wifi connection. It doesnt work unless you pay.”

Mara Larsson - Norway - November, 25, 2016

“Toronto Pearson is a proud not only for canadians but also for all north america. One of the best ones in the world, no doubt about it.”

Michelle Sarandon - Toronto, Canada - November, 25, 2016