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153 countries and more than 1,000 airports is an informational airports guide. It is not sponsored by, endorsed by, associated or affiliated with any Official Authority of any airport included on this guide.

153 countries and more than 1,000 airports
Passenger Guide

Passenger Guide

Airports data, transportation, installations and services, disabled facilities

Flight status

Flight status

Real Time Flight Tracker of departures and arrivals, warnings about delays or cancelations

Long Layover

Long Layover

Tips and facilities to spend the night at the airport and vip lounges details


  TRAVELING TODAY: What to consider before flying

Considerations such as Vaccination, Documentation and Visa, Flights and Reservations, Mobile Phone Service, Travel Assistance and Insurance, Luggage Policy, are key when planning your trip without suffering any surprises from the beginning.
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How to avoid a bad moment. The situation of immigration control, after arriving at the chosen destination, is usually one of the most stressful moments of the trip for many passengers. Tips on how to act, what questions to ask and how to prepare for situations that could happen to you.
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  BAGGAGE: limits and restrictions

Checked baggage: number of pieces, weight and size limits. Excess baggage, hand luggage size and weight restrictions and forbiden items on board. Limitations and exclusion of liability and what to do in case of loss or damage of luggage.
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  Travel Assistance

Why it is important to hire it
Before starting your trip, check with your travel agency, insurance advisor, credit card advisor, or directly with travel insurers, the possibility of contracting travel assistance insurance that includes personal assistance, theft, accident coverage, illness health care or issues with luggage.
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  Special Passengers

Useful tips for planning a trip and flying when the passenger has reduced mobility, such as the elderly or people with disabilities. Logistical travel issues and details to be taken into account both when transferring and staying at airports and while staying on the aircraft during the trip. On the other hand, travel conditions for unaccompanied minors, such as documentation and travel assistance.
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  Medical recommendations

Recommended considerations, advice and conditions to review before boarding on an airline trip for pregnant women, post-surgical patients, or passengers with specific medical situations that require certain care. Tips during your stay at the airport, review in-flight facilities and details such as special meals available on the menu and seat locations.
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  Tips to get a flight ticket

Tricks to find, manage and buy a ticket at the best price. Which dates to choose, how and where to search and compare fares and airlines. What details to keep in mind when choosing a flight, what to do after the purchase and how to get your boarding pass.
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  Documentation required

Before going to the airport, it is always necessary to review the documentation so as not to suffer headaches later, such as a ticket or boarding pass, money and cards, passport, visa, vaccination certification, PCR test or health affidavit, etc.
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  CORONAVIRUS: General Considerations

According to the rules of the country you are going, check with the embassy or consulate of your destination the current requirements such as vaccination certificate or test (PCR / antigen negative) are still needed.
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  After arriving

What you should keep in mind when arriving at the destination airport. Collection of luggage and belongings , immigration procedures , knowing the amenities in case of waiting for a connection, transportation issues and available hotels .
  1. Before leaving the plane, do not forget to collect all your belongings. If you have checked baggage, the first thing you should do is go to the airport baggage claim area.
  2.   Then (if necessary) make migrations by placing yourself in the corresponding row according to your nationality, and show your passport, and Visa (if applicable). In some countries, they may ask you where you will stay, show them the return ticket, etc. Check this information with the corresponding embassy before traveling.
  3.   Once you arrive at the public area, check the means of Public Transportation available or look at the signs with names held by some people (if you have hired a private service and they are waiting for you. If instead, you plan to rent a car review the information on Car Rental at the Airport and eventually make a reservation in advance.
  4.   If you have forgotten luggage on the plane or your checked (checked) bag has never appeared or was damaged, claim the airline at the airport check-in counters or by phone. It is always advisable to have travel insurance that can cover any incident of this type.
  5.   Check the Amenities and airport lounges (if any) offered by the airport in case you have to wait for a connecting flight.
  6.   If your desire is to find a hotel near or within the airport, look for and book in advance the lodging alternatives that are in the airport area.

  Before flying

What you should keep in mind, the hours prior to boarding.
  1. Arrive at the airport with enough time , at least 2 hours before your flight if it is national and 3 hours before if it is international. This will give you enough time to check in, check your luggage, go through security and get to the gate on time.

  2. Know the baggage limits , before you pack. This includes the maximum size and weight allowance, as well as prohibited items. If you bring liquids, make sure they are in a sealed container and put them in a transparent bag and that they do not exceed 100 ml per container.

  3. Prepare all the necessary documentation to check-in, such as your flight reservation number, passport, visa and vaccination certificate (if required). If you can check-in online, make sure you print or have your boarding pass on your mobile.

  4. If you do not have your own transport, it is important that you know the public transport available to the airport and the terminal from where you will depart. If you are driving, make sure you are aware of the parking options offered by the airport.

  5. Learn about the amenities offered by the airport to schedule your wait before boarding the plane. Some have restaurants, shops, rest areas, VIP rooms and entertainment areas.

  6. Once inside the terminal, it is important that you check the electronic screens to know the status of your flight. If there are changes in the departure time or change of Gate, it is better that you know it in advance so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

  7. If you leave from your country of residence, declare any new electronic devices that you may have (mobile, notebook, camera) at the tax office to avoid any customs tax on your return.

  8. If you have reduced mobility or a handicap, coordinate your trip at least 48 hours in advance with your airline and check the facilities for special passengers provided by the airport.

  9. Once you have passed the security control, do not forget your personal belongings that you must leave in luggage trays for the control process. You are ready to locate your boarding gate, wait relaxed for your boarding time enjoying some of the airport services. At the time of boarding, remember to have your passport and boarding pass at hand, and follow the instructions of the airline staff so that the boarding process is smooth and seamless.