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Before purchasing a plane ticket to consider certain options that may be available to you according to the destination, namely: 


- More non-stop flights with stops but no change of aircraft flights. 

- If your trip coincides with a period of high season, make the reservation well in advance, be it weeks or even months in advance. In turn, the ticket purchase should have a confirmed reservation, and if the trip is round trip, try to have the return flight as closed. This avoids risks of not having then with seat available for return. 

- It is recommended to confirm the flight schedules before starting the trip. 

- For international flights, the passenger must reconfirm your booking outbound or return at least 72 hours before each flight. Otherwise, the reservation may be canceled. 

- The passenger must have all available information into the computer system, namely: 
* Identity and airlines with which it will travel, depending on whether direct flight, or change of aircraft scales, and companionship. 
* Changes of aircraft during the journey. 
* Stops during the journey. 
* Transfers between airports during the journey. 
* Name of the airport destination: no cities with more than one airport.


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