Solomon islands airports

The main airports in the country included in our guide are listed below

Honiara International Airport
CORONAVIRUS: Check the restrictions in force with your airline or by contacting the airport, taking into account its origin and destination. In the case of international flights you can see the situation of each country at International Map current country restrictions.

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Information about Solomon islands
Population: 609 883 hab. (2014)
Capital: Honiara- 70.000 (est 2010)
Official Languages: English
Main cities: Gizo, Yandina y Aola
The national flag carrier is Solomon Airlines (IE).

According to your nationality, before planning your trip, please check with the embassy or consulate of Solomon islands in your country of residence, if you need Visa in order to enter the country. Make sure to have the health insurance required and the valid passport, as well.
In addition to the passport and visa, if you plan to travel to Solomon islands, whether for business or pleasure, we suggest to review the following information: International Airports - Airport Safety Rules - baggage allowance, size and weight restrictions - Most visited cities - Driving in Solomon islands- Electricity - Time Zone - Business hours - National Holidays - Weights and Measures - Rules of Etiquette and Commercial Practices

Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD)

Time Zone: (GMT+11)


Covid-19: Regulations for travel to Solomon Islands

Passengers and airline crew members are not allowed to enter.
- This does not apply to:
- Solomon Islands nationals.
- passengers with the approval of the Supervisory Committee.
2. Passengers must have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing they were fully vaccinated at least 4 weeks prior to arrival. The certificate must be sent to prior to departure.
The accepted vaccines are AstraZeneca (SK Bioscience), AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Covaxin, Covieshield, Janssen, Moderna (Spikevax), Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty), Sinopharm and Sinovac.
3. Passengers must have:
- a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no later than 11 days prior to departure; me
- a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no later than 72 hours prior to arrival.
As the COVID-19 test result depends on the country of departure, passengers should contact Solomon Isl. Health Authorities prior to departure to obtain the testing schedule. All test results must be sent to prior to departure.
4. Passengers must have the approval of the Prime Minister's Office. Details can be found HERE
- This does not apply to Solomon Islands nationals.
5. Passengers must complete a “Pre-Departure Questionnaire” which can be found HERE ; Y
- an "Instructions on Conduct" form that can be found HERE :
Both forms must be submitted to NHEOC_REPAT@moh at least 5 days prior to departure.
6. Passengers are subject to quarantine for up to 21 days.
7. Passengers must present a completed Traveler's Public Health Declaration Card and provide complete details of their place of stay, travel itinerary and current personal contact details in the Solomon Islands.
8. Passengers must provide details of their international travel history for the last 14 days prior to arrival in the Solomon Islands.

 Detailed tourist information

All citizens who are not citizens of the Solomon Islands must receive prior authorization from the Office of the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands before permission to enter the country is granted.

To enter the Solomon Islands from low-risk countries, travelers must perform two COVID-19 PCR tests prior to flight departure and both results must be negative.

-First test - 14 days before departure - results will be sent with your pre-departure form to

-Second test - no earlier than 72 hours before departure - results will be sent to

Passengers from countries considered High Risk must quarantine in Honiara for 14 days.

Passengers from restricted countries will not be accepted for travel unless they are citizens of the Solomon Islands or can satisfactorily demonstrate that they have completed the prescribed cycle of a COVID vaccine at least 4 weeks prior to travel. (See 'Prove Your COVID-19 Status')

To enter the Solomon Islands from high-risk countries (including countries restricted to fully vaccinated eligible travelers), passengers must perform three COVID-19 PCRs prior to flight departure and negative test results are required:

-First test: 18-21 days before departure; results will be sent to

-Second exam: 8-11 days before departure: results will be sent with your pre-departure form to

-Third test - no earlier than 72 hours before departure - the results will be sent to The
quarantine in Honiara will be 21 days.

Prospective travelers who are currently in a restricted country are also eligible to enter the Solomon Islands after spending at least 14 days prior to traveling in a low / high risk country.

Non-Solomon Islands people must pay for COVID-19 and quarantine tests at one of the local hotels. Anyone who tests positive will be moved to an isolation facility, their quarantine will be extended, and further tests for COVID-19 will be conducted.


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