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Santiago de Chile airport (SCL)

Buses, minibuses, taxis and private companies such as Uber or Cabify connect Santiago airport with the urban area. Official services can be hired at designated counters outside the Customs Hall and vehicles wait outside exits 1 to 6.

How to get a door-to-door transfer for families or groups?

If you're looking for comfort and easiness to get to or from Santiago International Airport, you can opt for a private transfer service from Civitatis (Tel +56 2 2666 0752).

It is best to pre-book your transfer online. Vehicles for 3, 6 or 8 passengers are available.

The booking must be done at least 18 hours in advance. At the airport, the driver will wait for you with a sign with your name as you leave the baggage recollection area and enter the Arrivals Hall. If you're staying in a hotel or apartment, the driver will wait for you outside the building.



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How to get to downtown Santiago by bus?

Turbus (Tel +56 2 2822 7744 / 600 660 6600)

To and from downtown Santiago, Terminal Alameda Central Station. They operate every 10 minutes. There are also daily services to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar and buses to Maipú on weekdays.

Travel time between the airport and downtown Santiago: between 30 and 40 minutes.

Schedules Downtown Santiago and Maipú

Airport - Terminal Alameda
5:45 am to 9:30 pm.

Terminal Alameda - Airport
5:15 am a 9:30 pm.

Maipú - Airport
6:45 am / 7:10 am.

Airport - Maipú
6:10 pm.

Viña del Mar and Valparaíso

Airport - Valparaiso - Viña del Mar: 10:30 am / 2:30 pm / 10:30 pm.
Viña del Mar - Valparaiso - Airport: 5:00 am / 10:25 am / 1:40 pm / 5:35 pm / 10:40 pm.
Valparaiso - Airport: 5:20 am / 10:55 am / 2:10 pm / 6:05 pm / 10:10 pm.


(in Chilean pesos)
Downtown Santiago and Maipú

General public rate - $1,300.
Round trip general public rate - $2,600.
Official rate - $650.

Viña del Mar and Valparaíso
One way ticket from $6,000.


1st level, exit door 4
International terminal, first level, arrivals
National terminal, first level, arrivals

Centropuerto (Tel +56 2 2601 9883 / 0549)

From downtown Santiago, Los Héroes Main Metro Station, with stops at Barrancas, Pajaritos, Las Rejas, San Alberto Hurtado, University of Santiago, Central Station (Alameda), Unión Latinoamericana and República stations. There is also a route to Maipú (weekdays only) passing through Laguna Sur, Los Mares, El Descanso, Hugo Bravo, Alto Jahuel, Los Pajaritos and Av. Portales. Buses leave from the Pajaritos or Alameda terminals to the main destinations in Chile.

Travel time between the airport and downtown Santiago: between 30 and 40 minutes.


Airport - Los Héroes (every 10 minutes)
6:00 am to 11:30 pm.

Los Héroes - Airport (every 10 minutes)
5:55 am to 11:15 pm.

Night service every half hour, departures only from the airport.

Maipú - Airport
6:55 am / 7:15 am / 7:40 am / 8:10 am.

Airport - Maipú
5:55 pm / 6:25 pm / 6:55 pm.


in Chilean pesos
General public rate - $1,500.
Round trip general public rate - $2,800.
Official rate - $750.


1st level, exit door 4
International terminal, first level, arrivals
National terminal, first level, arrivals

Where are the door-to-door minibuses?

In the Arrivals Halls, there are 24-hour door-to-door minibus services between the airport and different destinations within Santiago.

Transvip (Tel +56 2 2677 3000 / 3010)

Provides three types of services:

You are grouped with other travellers going to or from the airport within the same period of time. Depending on the time of day, seasonality and the number of travellers, the trip may have a few stops along the way to pick up or drop off other passengers.

It is a direct transport to your destination without intermediate stops. Ideal for groups of up to 7 people, whether you are travelling alone, with a group, on family vacations or simply with a lot of luggage.

Exclusive car directly to your destination, without intermediate stops. Specially designed for trips of up to 3 people.

Public hall, 1st level
International terminal, first level, Arrivals
National terminal, first level, Arrivals


Where to find the official taxi ranks

In the arrival halls there are counters where you can hire basic cabs (black and yellow), which operate with a meter, and tourist cabs (blue), with a fixed fare per destination. Another option is Taxis Vía Controlada. Uber is also available at the airport. Travel time to the city center is about 20 minutes.

Taxi Turístico Oficial

Blue taxi Services 24 hours. Flat rate.

+56 2 2601 0274
+56 988 617 637
+56 949 221 955

Public Hall, 1st level
International Terminal, 1st level,
Arrivals National Terminal, 1st level, Arrivals

Taxi Oficial Básico

24 hour services. Taxis (black and yellow) with meters authorized and supervised by the Ministry of Transport, which provides a lot of security for a fair and safe payment. The service is paid directly to the driver in cash or by card.

+56 948 689 270

Public Hall, first level
International Terminal, first level,
National Arrivals Terminal, first level, Arrivals

Taxis Via Controlada

It is a project that aims to organize and coordinate all authorized taxis that provide services from the airport. In this way, you will be able to obtain safe and quality transport, knowing in advance the reference value that you will have to pay. Operates 24 hours.

+56 9 4273 2887

Public Hall, 1st level
International Terminal, 1st level,
Arrivals National Terminal, 1st level, Arrivals


In the Arrivals area. Contact the driver through the app to coordinate a meeting point.

Estimated rates:  from USD15.00 between the airport and the Alameda Terminal.

Latest updates: October 07, 2022

Transportation Tips to/from the airport

While there are issues that seem more than obvious, it is always advisable to take into account when moving from or to the airport, and especially if you go on some public transport.
 1- To the airport - It is convenient to go out with a little more anticipation than you would commonly suggest. If you choose a taxi or a private car service, always keep in mind peak transit times, demonstrations, strikes or events that may take more or less the trip to the airport from where you are. It is always good to be informed about what happens in the place where you find yourself.
If you have a shared transfer service, please have a contact Tel in case of any delay on the part of the company. In these cases, a scheduled collection schedule is already in tenter.
If you are using public transport (bus, train), have the schedules (weekends and holidays usually have fewer frequencies), if you have to transfer and also how to board (if you need a card or boarding pass or paying at the moment to the driver or rider). These are details that seem obvious, but it is advisable to know not to have surprises and suffer a delay that could bring complications.
If you rent a car to get to the airport check well, where you must leave the vehicles. In some airports, there is an exclusive parking lot for rental cars.
 2 -From the airport- here is a little less stressful as you don't have the pressure to miss the flight. In the worst case you will arrive later to the place where you are going to stay or to the meeting point where you try to arrive. Once you get out of the plane, pick up your suitcase and finish with the required arrival procedures. Then you have to look for the public transport signs or consult the airport staff. It is very useful to inform the timetables of the buses in case you arrive late at night. Not all of them work 24 hours a day. The same goes for taxis. If you have hired a private car service, keep ready the mobile app to contact the driver. Some transport services hired, have a person waiting for you, identified with a sign.
If you rent a car to go from the airport to your final destination, for more peace of mind it is recommended to reserve it earlier. Rental counters are usually available at arrivals hall.

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