Coronavirus and FAQs at (CGH) airport

Coronavirus Answers and Frequently Asked Questions for Passengers at São Paulo Congonhas airport (CGH)

IMPORTANT: The information provided below is only a quick guide, but it may be subject to change due to permanent changes in the health situation. Therefore, always corroborate the information with the official entities and the airline with which you intend to travel to and also check if at the time of your trip, the country you are coming from is not within the list of High Risk Countries.
São Paulo Congonhas airport (CGH)

Covid-19: Regulations for travel to Brazil

Foreign travelers must present to the airline responsible for the flight, before boarding, proof of complete vaccination (two doses or single dose).
- The proof can be printed or electronic.
- Vaccines approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency, the World Health Organization (WHO) or the authority of the country where the traveler was immunized are valid;
- The application of the last dose or single dose must have occurred at least 14 days prior to the boarding;
- The voucher must contain the name of the traveler, the trade name or name of the manufacturer of the vaccine, the lot number(s) of the dose(s) administered and the date(s) of application of the dose(s);
- Vaccination vouchers in which the data described above are available exclusively in QR-CODE format or in any other coded language will not be accepted.
- Sars-Cov-2 (covid-19) recovery certificates will not be accepted in lieu of proof of full vaccination.
* Documents issued abroad must be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English.
Travelers are exempt from presenting proof of vaccination:
I - With a health condition that contraindicates vaccination, provided it is certified by a medical report. The medical certificate must be in Portuguese, English or Spanish and contain the date of travel, identification and signature of the responsible physician. It is not necessary to authenticate it;
II - Persons not eligible for vaccination according to age, according to the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health in the National Plan for the Operationalization of Vaccination against Covid-19 and published on the website of the Ministry of Health. It is necessary to present the proof of vaccination of persons 5 years old or older;
III - Who fall under the exceptions for humanitarian reasons, in accordance with the current portaria;
IV - Coming from countries with low vaccination coverage as published by the Ministry of Health and posted on the Ministry's website; and
V - Foreigners residing in Brazil who have not yet completed their vaccination schedule.

Travelers exempted from vaccination test must present a negative result of RT-PCR or antigen test performed no more than one day before boarding.

- The RT-PCR or antigen test must be performed in a laboratory recognized by the health authority of the country of origin;
- Children under 12 years of age who are exempt from presenting proof of vaccination and traveling with a companion are exempt from presenting a document certifying that they have been tested for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (covid-19) infection, provided that all companions present documents with negative or undetectable results performed within the day prior to embarkation;
- Children 2 years of age or older and under 12 years of age, traveling unaccompanied, must present a document with a negative or undetectable test result performed within the day prior to boarding;
- Children under two years of age are exempt from presenting a document evidencing a test for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection (covid-19) for travel to the Federative Republic of Brazil;
- In the case of a flight with connections or stopovers where the traveler exempt from presenting proof of vaccination remains in a restricted area of the airport, the deadlines will be considered in relation to boarding on the first leg of the trip;
- In case of a flight with connections or stopovers in which the traveler does not remain in a restricted area of the airport, and/or performs migration, and that exceeds one day from the completion of the antigen or RT-PCR test, the presentation of a document proving the completion of a new test, RT-PCR or antigen, with negative or undetectable result for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (covid-19) at the time of check-in for boarding to the Federation Republic of Brazil is mandatory;

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Frequently asked questions of passengers at São Paulo Congonhas airport

How to get to São Paulo's old town by public transport?

There is no direct bus from the airport to downtown. You can take the bus line 609-J-10 (or taxi or app) to the closest metro station (São Judas) Blue Line 1. From there, you can take the subway towards Tucuruvi, and get off at São Bento station (20 minutes) in São Paulo's old town. The integration ticket between the bus and metro costs R$ 7.65 reais. 

Where to wait for Uber and 99?

The meeting point for ridesharing apps is on the lower floor (basement), intended for passenger departures leaving the airport. Estimated fare to downtown São Paulo. Between R$ 22.00 and R$ 29.00.

Is there free internet access?

Boingo Wireless offers free Wi-Fi at the terminal. 

How to get from Guarulhos airport to Congonhas?

The Airport Bus Service shuttle service (R $ 39.00) connects Congonhas airport with Guarulhos. In turn, GOL and LATAM offer transfer services to their passengers in connection with Cumbica Airport (GRU). Stop is located in the lower floor, south side of the terminal. 

Is the airport accessible to the disabled?

Congonhas Airport offers facilities for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Boarding bridges (fingers) that make the connection between the passenger terminal and the aircraft, allowing passengers to board or exit through a covered, ventilated and safe place. Ambulift : it is a vehicle adapted with a lifting platform that performs the boarding and landing of people with disabilities or with reduced mobility. In addition, there are also wheelchairs. It is advisable to coordinate with your airline at least 48 hours before your flight. 

Is it open 24 hours a day?

While the airport is open 24 hours (there is a starbucks all night), most services close after 10 pm and reopen from 6 am, matching flight schedules. 

It is possible to find a space to rest or work inside the airport.?

Any passenger with Brazilian citizenship can pick up their passport (Emergency or Urgency) at the headquarters of the Federal Police - tel (11) 5090-9046) at Congonhas airport. To start the procedure, you must access the Federal Police website, and look for the passport option. 

What to do in case of loss of valuables or luggage?

In case of loss of documentation or belongings inside the terminal, you must contact the Lost and Found section on the first floor of the passenger terminal and is open daily from 6 am to 11 pm Tel (11) 5090-9013. If your luggage or personal effects were lost or damaged during the flight, you should contact your airline. 

Is there a luggage storage service?

The luggage storage service is provided by the company Malex. Opening hours: 6 am to 11 pm and the price starts at R$ 40 per day. The lockers are located in the lower floor of the south side, on the same floor from where buses and ridesharing apps leave. Tel (11) 5090-9836. 

How much does it cost to park in Congonhas?

From R$ 39.90 per day and R$ 90 for the entire weekend (3 pm Friday to 3 pm Monday). Prices vary depending on the type of vacancy you are looking for and the period of time you will need to leave your car. 

Are there banking services at the airport?

There are banking services from Banco Santander in the Central Hall on the 1st floor. Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm (except holidays and optional points) Tel: (11) 5091-5877. In addition, there are ATMs in the Central Underground Lounge. 

It is possible to find a space to rest or work inside the airport.?

The best option is to make use of one of the airport's VIP lounges. They provide a comfortable space for work and relaxation, with wi-fi, snacks, infusions and drinks. 

Are there pharmacies?

There is a Droga Raia pharmacy in the public area (from 6:00 to 23:00).

Latest updates: January 11, 2022


World situation. General considerations
Due to the advancement of vaccination worldwide, documentation and testing restrictions have been eliminated in many countries. In fact, in some countries, by presenting the complete vaccination certificate against Coronavirus, RT-PCR or antigen test results are no longer required, nor is a health affidavit form.

However, we insist once again, that in the situation of constant changes, it is always important to consult and finalize details with the airline and, if necessary, with the airport as well as, in the case of international flights, with the embassy or consulate near the final destination, and also with the countries involved for connecting flights, if any.
In this sense, it is useful to review the International Map of the current restrictions of each country.

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