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Medellín airport provides different transport alternatives, according to the budget or demand level of each passenger. From inexpensive alternatives such as minibuses ("buseta") or "colectivos" (shared taxis) to more comfortable options such as exclusive taxis or private transfers.


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Door to door transfers for families or groups

If what you are looking for is comfort and peace of mind to go to or from Medellín International Airport, you can opt for a private transfer service. Your best option is to book online and in advance your transfer to or from the airport so the driver will be waiting for you and you do not have to negotiate a fare with taxis or transfer companies. There are vehicles for 4 passengers or minibuses with capacity for 10, 15 and 20 people.

Booking must be made at least 24 hours in advance. At the airport, the driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it as soon as you leave the baggage recollection hall and enter the public Arrivals Hall. If you are staying at a hotel or apartment, the driver will be waiting outside the building. If he or she has the possibility to park the vehicle, they can sometimes wait for you at the reception desk.


Other companies providing this service are: Medellin Airport TransferColombia4u.

Shared Taxis

The "colectivos" are white taxis that are shared among several passengers for a lower cost. They are most often used by people travelling alone or by couples. It represents the regular taxi fare (about USD23.00), but it is divided among the passengers (up to 4 people). Thus, they are a budget option, especially if you are going to the south area, since they only go to and from the San Diego shopping center in Medellín. There, you will have to take another taxi to your accommodation. In addition, 4 blocks away from the shopping center is located the Exposiciones Metro Station.

To keep in mind
Shared white airport taxis will normally be waiting for passengers at the Texaco gas station parking lot, next to the San Diego Mall. Keep in mind that if you have a lot of luggage, it can be a bit uncomfortable. So if you get there first, be sure to claim the front passenger seat. Otherwise, you will be crammed into the back seat with two other people. Vehicles generally wait until they have four passengers to leave.

Journey time between San Diego and the airport, like with a regular taxi, is between 25 and 30 minutes.

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Public buses

The company Combuses (Tel +57 604 448 4408 / 317 656 3291 / 316 236 1095) operates the public bus service (called busetas) from the airport to Medellín and vice versa, with three different routes: Autopista – Palmas; Autopista – Medellín-Bogotá; Vía Santa Elena. It is the cheapest option, although the least comfortable and safe.

Meeting points in the city and the airport
Stop at Nutibara-Centro
For passengers living or staying in the center or north of the city, the stop is near the Hotel Nutibara, next to Plaza Botero, in the heart of Medellín.
Address: Carrera 50 A # 53-13.

San Diego stop
For people living or staying in the southern part of the city, the stop is at the San Diego Mall.
Address: Calle 36 # 45-14.

Stop at the airport
First floor, door 2.

The cost of a single ticket is about USD 3.5 and you can buy it directly from the driver.

From Medellín Airport: every day, every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.
From the San Diego shopping center towards the airport: between 3:30 am and 10:00 pm, every 15 minutes.
From Nutibara-Centro towards the airport: from 4:00 am to 10:00 pm, every 15 minutes.

Journey time
Total travel time is around one hour, depending on traffic.

Buses tend to fill up fast, keep that in mind if you’re carrying a lot of luggage. They only have 19 seats. They can also be an attractive place for opportunists and pickpockets. And at night it can be a bit unsafe, especially when you get off and have to walk with your luggage and money to the place where you are staying.


There are two types: white taxis and yellow taxis.

The difference is that white taxis are licensed to operate at the airport, while yellow taxis can only take passengers to the airport, but are not allowed to enter to pick people up.

White Taxis

It is one of the options most often used by foreign tourists. They have established stops. There are several companies operating from the terminal building: Flota Córdova Rionegro, Combuses, Rápido Medellín Rionegro, Transportes Unidos La Ceja, Aerotaxi, Transportes Chachafruto, TUR and Copetaxi.

The estimated fee is $COP80,000 (about USD23.00). The fare is fixed and regulated by law (usually shown at the airport), so you are sure of the final price you will pay.

However, just in case the taxi driver tries to be smart, it is worth knowing that there is no special overnight rate, and you should not pay for the tunnel toll, as it is included in the fixed rate.

Frequency and route
The service is available 24 hours a day and the trip to downtown Medellín varies between 25 and 30 minutes.

Yellow Taxis
As mentioned above, yellow taxis only operate towards the airport. That is, they can take passengers from Medellín or other locations to the airport, but they cannot pick up passengers at the airport to the city. Even so, some of the drivers will try to pick up passengers at the airport.

As they are the most plentiful in the city, you are likely to find a yellow taxi to go from Medellín to the airport more easily.

The estimated fee is $COD80,000 (around USD23.00).


Although vehicles from Uber, Beat and DiDi don’t have an exclusive spot to pick up passengers, drivers usually take the left lane that leads to the Arrivals gates, and that is where you can find them. In any case, it is recommended to coordinate the exact pick-up point with the driver through the app.


Latest updates: October 12, 2022

Transportation Tips to/from the airport

Although there are issues that seem more than obvious, it is always advisable to take them into account when moving to or from the airport, and especially if we go by public transport.
 1- To the airport - It is convenient to leave with a little more anticipation than what is commonly suggested. If you choose a taxi or a private car service, always take into account peak traffic times, demonstrations, strikes or events that may delay the journey to the airport from where you are. It is always good to be informed about what is happening.
If you contract a shared transfer service, have a contact telephone number handy in case of any delay by the company. In these cases they usually already have a scheduled collection time.
If you use public transport (collective, train) take into account the schedules (weekends and holidays tend to have less frequency), if you have to change and also how to board (if you need a card or paying the driver or motorist at the moment ). These are details that seem obvious, but it is advisable to know so as not to have surprises and suffer a delay that could cause complications.
If you rent a car to get to the airport, check where to leave the vehicle. At some airports, there is an exclusive parking lot for rental cars.
 2 -From the airport- Here it is a little less stressful since you don't have the pressure of missing your flight. In the worst case, you will arrive later at the place where you are going to stay or at the meeting point where you are trying to arrive.
Once you leave the plane, look for your suitcase and finish with the arrival procedures that are required. Then, follow the directions for public transportation or ask the airport staff.
It is very useful to find out in advance the schedules of the buses or trains in case you arrive late at night. Not all work 24 hours. The same goes for taxis. In case of using an Uber-type service, have the mobile application handy to contact the driver.
On the other hand, if you booked a private transport service, it is likely that they will have a person waiting for you, identified with a sign. If you rent a car to go from the airport to your final destination, for greater peace of mind it is advisable to book it in advance. Rental counters are usually available in the arrivals hall.
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