Milan Malpensa airport (MXP)

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Milan Malpensa airport (MXP)

Milan-Malpensa Airport, opened on November 21, 1948, is the most important in Italy for international flights and one of the busiest in Europe. It operates with domestic and international flights to destinations throughout Europe, Africa, America, the Middle East and Asia.

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Number of Terminals - 2 - Terminals 1 (Concourses A, B, C) and 2 (Concourses D, E), open 24 hours a day. Connected through a free shuttle that departs every 7 minutes (every 30 minutes from 10:45 pm to 5:15 am). (Terminal 2 is momentarily closed). The terminals are connected by a free bus that departs every 7 minutes (every 30 minutes from 10:45 pm to 5:15 am). In addition, there is a rail connection between Malpensa Terminals 1 and 2 available every day from 4:27 a.m. at 00:20 a.m. and it is free for each passenger in possession of a valid ticket from one of the two Malpensa Terminals.

Annual passenger traffic: 9,6 million passengers went through it during 2021.

Tel: +39 223 2323. There are information desks on the ground floor of both terminals and on the first and second floors of Terminal 1.



The airport is located 45 km (29 miles) northwest from Milan.

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Parking services at Milan Malpensa airport (MXP)

There are 6 parking sectors: P1 Long Term, P2 Executive, P3 Express, P4 Holiday, P5 Easy and P6 Smart. In addition, there are 6 areas dedicated to short-term car parking spaces and Area 10 Minuti which is free.

P1 Long Term

With more than 1,200 lots discovered in Terminal 1, designed to provide an effective service at the lowest price for those who stay more than 7 days.
4 minute walk from Terminal 1

P2 Executive

The most exclusive and convenient parking dedicated to a demanding clientele with 2,700 covered parking spaces directly connected to the check-in area. Within it, there is the Top Car area, with 130 large lots for luxury cars, and the Genius area with 500 lots on the -4 floor, intended for long-term stays.
Immediate access to the check-in area in Terminal 1

P3 Express

The Express parking lot is the uncovered parking lot adjacent to Terminal 1, which offers 1,600 parking spaces.
3 minutes walk from Terminal 1

P4 Holiday

The Holiday car park is the perfect combination of comfort and savings, thanks to its 1,200 uncovered car parks and its direct connection to Terminal 1.

P5 Easy

The Easy car park is the car park inside Terminal 2 with a 24-hour connection to Terminal 1 thanks to the convenient free shuttle service. It has more than 3,000 uncovered parking spaces.
2 minute walk from Terminal 2

P6 Smart

Speed ​​and convenience, 3,700 uncovered parking spaces accessible directly from SS336 for at least a three-day stay.
An optimal solution for departures from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, thanks to the free shuttle service, available 24 hours a day.
10 minutes from T1

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Short Term

In the Terminal 1 of Milano Malpensa you can find 6 areas dedicated to car parking spaces for short stays: 4 in the arrivals (pick-up area) P7, P9, Arrivi Sud and Arrivi Nord , and 2 in the outputs (leave) zone) P9 and P10. Rates: up to one hour € 3.00 - € 2.00 for each additional half hour, up to the fifth hour. Payment by automatic meters at the airport or in the manned cabin
In the Terminal 2 of Milano Malpensa, in front of the airport, you can find 2 areas dedicated to parking spaces for short-stay cars, one for arrivals and one for departures. The parking meter controls the duration of your stay, only for stays of 1 hour. Rates € 3.60 per hour until the third hour. Payment can only be made using the meter.

Area 10 Minutes

The 10-minute area is a controlled traffic area, with free access for all users, characterized by a system that electronically detects the time required to enter and leave the airport area.

From the moment you enter the area, you have 10 minutes to receive the arriving passengers and move on.


Facilities for passengers with special needs

Reserved parking spaces, pathways for the visually-impaired, Braille signage, elevators, accesible restrooms are available. Inform your airline or travel agency about your particular needs at least 48 hours before your arrival. Unaccompanied minors between 4 and 14 years old will be escorted by the airline crew.

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