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Cancun Airport, being the air terminal of the Riviera Maya, is connected not only with the city of Cancun and its hotel zone, but also with the different tourist points of the Caribbean coast and other tourist spots. Buses, private transportation and cabs provide transfer services.

What door-to-door services does the airport have?

Groups or families

If what you are looking for is the greatest comfort and tranquility to move to or from the airport, you can opt for a private transfer service.

The best option is to book online and in advance so that a driver will be waiting for you and you will not have to negotiate prices with cabs or transfer companies. You can get vehicles for 6 (USD42.90), 10 (USD49.50) or up to 14 people (USD77.30) to the hotel zone of Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Akumal or Tulum.

Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance. At the airport, the driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it as soon as you leave the baggage claim area and enter the public hall. If you are in a hotel or apartment, the driver will wait for you outside the building. If they have the possibility to park their vehicle, they can sometimes wait for you at the reception desk.


Other private transfer options are:

- Cancun Shuttle Transportation (Tel +52 998 980 0259)
- Transportes Turísticos FerAltar (Tel +52 998 898 4977 / 4979)
- Cancun Airport Transportation (Tel +52 998 980 3458)
- Cancun Shared Shuttle (Tel +52 998 980 0807) offers a shared shuttle service from the airport to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, operating between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Vehicles depart when full.
- Cancun Transportation (Tel +52 998 387 0197)

Shared Shuttle to Hotels This is a more economical alternative. Shared shuttles are available from the airport to the main hotels in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Riviera Maya. A shared shuttle is the most economical form of transportation to the hotels. They are available 24 hours a day and need to be booked in advance. The price is per person, so they are usually a good option for single travelers and couples if they don't mind sharing and making stops along the way.

Rates: Cancún - USD27.45; Playa del Carmen - USD61.45; Tulum - USD105.00
Inquiries: [email protected] - [email protected]; Tel +52 998 848 7200 / 886 0322

Which bus connects the airport with the city and area?

ADO (Tel +52 55 4386 4652) connects the airport with terminals in Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Belice, Chiquilá, Carrillo Puerto, Mahahuai, Plaza Terra Viva, Puerto Morelos, Mérida and Valladolid.

Cancún: Buses leave every 20 minutes and travel time is 45 min. to the city terminal ($130.00).

Playa del Carmen: The bus leaves every 20 min. and the travel time is 1 hour and 30 min. ($250.00).

Tulum: The bus leaves every 80 min. and the travel time is 2 hours and 45 min. ($420.00).


The company has counters in the Arrivals Halls of the terminals. Payment is in cash, so it is recommended to have change for dollar bills (5, 10, 20), or better yet, arrive in Mexico with some Mexican pesos. This is because the exchange rate at the airport is very unfavorable and if you pay for a ticket with a large bill, the change is in Mexican pesos, but at a much lower exchange rate than the official one. At the same time, ATMs charge a very high extra commission for withdrawals.

For more information on destinations, fares and available schedules, visit

Rent a Car


Where are the official airport cabs?

The airport has an official cab company, Cancun Taxi (Tel +52 998 109 7800 / 236 4234), with vehicles available outside the exit from terminals 2 and 3. Cars can be booked online or paid for at the counters located in the Arrivals Halls. The ride to the city center takes about 25 minutes.


Fares are pre-fixed. To ensure the lowest possible fare, be sure to check the fare and receive a confirmation number. Wheelchair accessible cabs are also available upon request.

Estimated rates for vehicles up to 4 passengers: Cancún - USD45.00; Playa del Carmen - USD70.00; Tulum - USD124.00.

Caution: Many private individuals offer cabs at the exit of the terminals. Only use authorized and official airport cabs.

More information

How to move between terminals?

Cancun International Airport has a free inter-terminal shuttle service. The shuttle bus route between terminals allows passengers to transfer between buildings if they need to catch another flight with a different airline or change their flight route, or meet someone. The service is safe and runs every 20 minutes.


Latest updates: June 17, 2024

Transportation Tips to/from the airport

Although there are issues that seem more than obvious, it is always advisable to take them into account when moving to or from the airport, and especially if we go by public transport.
 1- To the airport - It is convenient to leave with a little more anticipation than what is commonly suggested. If you choose a taxi or a private car service, always take into account peak traffic times, demonstrations, strikes or events that may delay the journey to the airport from where you are. It is always good to be informed about what is happening.
If you contract a shared transfer service, have a contact telephone number handy in case of any delay by the company. In these cases they usually already have a scheduled collection time.
If you use public transport (collective, train) take into account the schedules (weekends and holidays tend to have less frequency), if you have to change and also how to board (if you need a card or paying the driver or motorist at the moment ). These are details that seem obvious, but it is advisable to know so as not to have surprises and suffer a delay that could cause complications.
If you rent a car to get to the airport, check where to leave the vehicle. At some airports, there is an exclusive parking lot for rental cars.
 2 -From the airport- Here it is a little less stressful since you don't have the pressure of missing your flight. In the worst case, you will arrive later at the place where you are going to stay or at the meeting point where you are trying to arrive.
Once you leave the plane, look for your suitcase and finish with the arrival procedures that are required. Then, follow the directions for public transportation or ask the airport staff.
It is very useful to find out in advance the schedules of the buses or trains in case you arrive late at night. Not all work 24 hours. The same goes for taxis. In case of using an Uber-type service, have the mobile application handy to contact the driver.
On the other hand, if you booked a private transport service, it is likely that they will have a person waiting for you, identified with a sign. If you rent a car to go from the airport to your final destination, for greater peace of mind it is advisable to book it in advance. Rental counters are usually available in the arrivals hall.
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