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Berlin Brandenburg airport (BER)


Passengers arriving at Terminals 1 and 2 use the North and South taxi ranks, in front of T1, on level E0. Departing passengers get out of the taxi at level E1.

Passengers requiring a special taxi (suitable for the disabled, with a child seat or a large capacity vehicle) must get in touch with a service employee from APCOA at the respective taxi ranks.

Make sure to get into a vehicle marked as a taxi only at the designated ranks. Outside these areas, there is a risk that fraudulent providers will be found.


The fare is usually similar to that of a taxi (€40.00-50.00 to Alexanderplatz) and the meeting point must be coordinated with the driver, since there is not an exclusive area like for taxis.

Car sharing

Services operate from car park P4, 24 hours a day. Depending on the company, it is charged by distance or by time. The providers are MILES, SHARE NOW, Sixt Share and WeShare (electric cars).


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The Airport Express (FEX) and regional trains RE7 and RB14 from Deutsche Bahn (Tel +49 303 1168 2904) run between Berlin Central Station and the station located below Terminal 1 several times per hour, with a trip of 30 minutes and a fare of €3.80. Trains S9 and S45 from S-Bahn (Tel +49 302 974 3333) run every 20 minutes and serve the stations in terminals 1-2 and 5, with a fare of €3.00. In addition, the Intercity BER T1-2 connects Rostock and Dresden several times a day.

Regional trains

Airport Express (FEX)

Route: Berlin Hauptbahnhof - Gesundbrunnen - Ostkreuz - BER T1-2

Frequency: every 30 minutes


Route: Dessau / Bad Belzig - Berlin Hauptbahnhof - BER T1 -2 - Wünsdorf-Waldstadt

Frequency: every hour


Route: Nauen - Berlin Hauptbahnhof - BER T1-2

Frequency: every hour


Route: Potsdam - Golm - BER T1-2 - Königs Wusterhausen

Frequency: every hour


Route: Spandau - Berlin - BER T5 - BER T1-2


Route: Südkreuz - BER T5 - BER T1-2

Express buses

Buses X7 and X71 travel every 5-10 min. between Rudow metro station (U7) and the terminals, with fares from €3.00. The trip to Terminal 1 takes 18 min. In addition, bus BER1 covers the route Steglitz Town Hall - BER T1-2 (45-55 min.; €8.00) and the BER2 connects the terminals with Potsdam Central Station in 55 min. (€9.50). Both run several times a day.

Buses Berlin

163 - Route: S Schöneweide - S Adlershof - S Grünau - BER T5 (station forecourt)

Frequency: every 20 min.

164 - Route: S Köpenick - S Adlershof - BER T5 (station forecourt)

Frequency: every 20 min.

171 - Route: U Hermannplatz - S Sonnenallee - S + U Neukölln - U Grenzallee - U Rudow - BER T5 (station forecourt)

Frequency: every 20 min.

263 - Route: S Grünau - BER T1-2

Frequency: every 60 min.

734 - Route: S Zeuthen - BER T1-2

Frequency: every hour

735 - Route: Königs Wusterhausen - A10 Center - Wildau - BER T1-2

Frequency: every hour

736 - Route: Königs Wusterhausen - S Wildau - BER T1-2

Frequency: every hour

743 - Route: S Lichtenrade - Waßmannsdorf - BER T5 - BER T1-2

Frequency: every hour

744 - Route: Gropiusstadt, Gesundheitszentrum - Großziethen - U Rudow - BER T5 (station forecourt)

Frequency: every 20 min.

Night buses

N7 - Route: U Rathaus Spandau - U Hermannplatz - U Rudow - BER T5 - BER T1-2

Frequency: every 30 min.

N7X - Route: S + U Zoologischer Garten - U Berliner Straße - U Alt-Tempelhof - BER T5 - BER T1-2

Frequency: every 15 min.

N36 - Route: Königs Wusterhausen - Wildau - BER T1-2

Frequency: every hour

N60 - Route: S + U Alexanderplatz - S Treptower Park - BER T5 - BER T1-2

Frequency: every 30 min.

Latest updates: January 08, 2022

Transportation Tips to/from the airport

While there are issues that seem more than obvious, it is always advisable to take into account when moving from or to the airport, and especially if you go on some public transport.
 1- To the airport - It is convenient to go out with a little more anticipation than you would commonly suggest. If you choose a taxi or a private car service, always keep in mind peak transit times, demonstrations, strikes or events that may take more or less the trip to the airport from where you are. It is always good to be informed about what happens in the place where you find yourself.
If you have a shared transfer service, please have a contact Tel in case of any delay on the part of the company. In these cases, a scheduled collection schedule is already in tenter.
If you are using public transport (bus, train), have the schedules (weekends and holidays usually have fewer frequencies), if you have to transfer and also how to board (if you need a card or boarding pass or paying at the moment to the driver or rider). These are details that seem obvious, but it is advisable to know not to have surprises and suffer a delay that could bring complications.
If you rent a car to get to the airport check well, where you must leave the vehicles. In some airports, there is an exclusive parking lot for rental cars.
 2 -From the airport- here is a little less stressful as you don't have the pressure to miss the flight. In the worst case you will arrive later to the place where you are going to stay or to the meeting point where you try to arrive. Once you get out of the plane, pick up your suitcase and finish with the required arrival procedures. Then you have to look for the public transport signs or consult the airport staff. It is very useful to inform the timetables of the buses in case you arrive late at night. Not all of them work 24 hours a day. The same goes for taxis. If you have hired a private car service, keep ready the mobile app to contact the driver. Some transport services hired, have a person waiting for you, identified with a sign.
If you rent a car to go from the airport to your final destination, for more peace of mind it is recommended to reserve it earlier. Rental counters are usually available at arrivals hall.

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