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Covid-19: Regulations for travel to Slovenia

Entry into Slovenia will be allowed to anyone who presents a valid identity document and one of the following proofs: having suffered from the disease, having been vaccinated or having undergone a test, without being sent to home quarantine . Said test with a negative result of the PCR test should not have more than 72 hours from the date of taking the sample or 48 hours if it is for Antigens. Mandatory quarantine. If none of the documents can be produced , a 10-day quarantine is required . Likewise, those who come from countries considered High Risk, must also comply with isolation. More information and news
Always remember to check with your airline, your itinerary and requirements at the time of boarding, to comply with the protocol and restrictions according to the destination you are going to.

 Tips after arriving:

  Before you leave the aircraft, don't forget to collect all your belongings.

  If you have checked baggage, the first thing you need to do is go to the Ljubljana airport (LJU) baggage claim area.

  Then (if necessary) make migrations, following the line according to your nationality. Once be your turn, show your Passport, and Visa (if applicable). In some countries may ask where you stay, show the return ticket, etc. Check this information with the corresponding embassy before you travel.

  Once you get to the public area, check out the  Transportation linking the airport with the urban area. In case you have booked a private and personal transfer, look at the posters with names that some people hold, waiting for guests.
  If you plan to rent a car instead, check the  Car Hire in Ljubljana airport (LJU) and book in advance.

  If you have forgotten luggage at the aircraft or your checked luggage is missing or damage, follow the airport Baggage instructions.

  Check the  Facilities and Lounges (if any) offered by the airport in case you have a long layover.

  If your wish is to search for a nearby hotel or within the airport check our information Item for   Nearby Hotels

  If you are a passenger with reduced mobility or a disability, coordinate your trip with your airline at least 48 hours in advance and check the  Disabled Passengers facilities at the airport.