Coronavirus and FAQs at (CPT) airport

Coronavirus Answers and Frequently Asked Questions for Passengers at Cape Town airport (CPT)


Worldwide situation. General considerations
Due to the advancement of vaccination worldwide, documentation and testing restrictions have been eliminated in many countries. In fact, in some countries, by presenting the complete vaccination certificate against Coronavirus, RT-PCR or antigen test results are no longer required, nor is a health affidavit form.

However, we insist once again, that in the situation of constant changes, it is always important to ask and arrange details with the airline and, if necessary, with the airport as well as, in the case of international flights, with the embassy or consulate near the final destination, and also with the countries involved for connecting flights, if any.

There are two clinics inside the airport where you can take a test for COVID-19 before your flight from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm:

- Navomix (Tel +27 210 012 866), in the central building, next to check-in counters 1 to 14.
- DisChem (Tel +27 219 345 217), on the ground floor of the central building, in the corridor connecting to the International Arrivals area.

Latest updates: May 01, 2022

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