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Covid-19: Regulations for travel to Samoa

Passengers are advised 1. EVERYONE to contact the Samoa Health Authorities directly 21 days prior to planned travel time by email at  [email protected]  or  [email protected] for  clarifications regarding the advice of trip.

2. All travelers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis before permission to travel to Samoa is granted.

3. Due to the current development of COVID-19 and the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant globally; Samoa's borders are closed. All those wishing to travel to Samoa should contact the Executive Director of the Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade or the Chairman of the Disaster Advisory Committee or any of the Samoa Missions Offices abroad.


4.  All Travelers 12 years of age or older, including flight crew, must NOW be fully vaccinated  with the 2 prescribed doses, with the exception of the Janssen vaccine before entering Samoa with any COVID-19 vaccine and preferably with vaccinations already prequalified by the World Health Organization (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Janssen-single dose, Moderna, Sinopharm).

5. A legitimate vaccine certificate is required   for shipment. Being fully vaccinated implies completing the prescribed doses required according to the vaccine used. All should have completed 2 weeks (14 days) after vaccination prior to travel. The vaccination certificate must be a  Certificate / Card Approved by the Health Authority  of the country where the vaccination was performed and must contain at least the following information:

to. Country name
b. Person's name: must be the same as the name on the passport or birth certificate
c. National identification / registration number if available
d. Clinic address and contact details
e. Name of the vaccine and lot number
f. Vaccination dates
g. Name of vaccinator (optional)
h. Seal of the health institution if available

6. A printed copy of the vaccine certificate must be presented at check-in and upon arrival in Samoa for the sighting and also during check-in at the quarantine / isolation facility.

7.   negative COVID rtPCR test is still required to be performed within 72 hours of  departure from the origin airport. The laboratory result must be presented in hard copy upon arrival in Samoa.

8.  Medical authorization signed, stamped and completed by a GP within 120 hours  after departure from the airport of origin is still required. The medical authorization must be presented in hard copy upon arrival in Samoa.

9.   All passengers with a  legitimate vaccination certificate are exempt from performing blood serology. Failure to provide a legitimate vaccination certificate will result in  NO BOARDING

10. Passengers who have not been vaccinated or who do not complete the required vaccination doses will be denied boarding.

11. Children under 12 years of age and others who meet the exemption criteria for vaccination under the country-of-origin specific COVID-19 vaccination policy must meet the following requirements:

  1. All others with medical conditions deemed exempt from vaccination should send an email to the email addresses listed above with a written report from a registered medical officer stating the reasons for the exemption;
  2. The Ministry reserves the right to deny boarding if the Ministry is not satisfied with the medical report provided;
  3. Refusing to vaccinate due to personal beliefs or your individual rights is NOT a valid reason for exemption;
  4. The requirements cited below are mandatory and without exemption for infants and children traveling;
    1. A negative COVID rtPCR test is required  within 72 hours of departure from the origin airport. The laboratory result must be presented in hard copy upon arrival in Samoa.
    2. Medical authorization  signed, stamped and completed by a GP within 120 hours after departure from the airport of origin. The medical authorization must be presented in hard copy upon arrival in Samoa. The form can be downloaded from the Samoa Ministry of Health website; All sections must be completed.
    3. Blood serology for COVID19 antibody test  must be performed within 7 days prior to departure from the airport of origin. It must be presented in hard copy upon arrival in Samoa. Rapid serological tests for IgM and IgG are not acceptable.

12.  All passengers entering Samoa will be quarantined for at least 14 days or as determined by the Ministry of Health.

Any Passenger or Crew with a positive COVID-19 rtPCR test may NOT enter Samoa, unless they have complied with the following: 

  1. 30 days have passed from the date of the last NEGATIVE test result after the date of the positive test;
  2. You must provide proof of virus genome sequencing if available:
  3. You must provide proof of 3 consecutive negative test results on  the 10th, the days and the 2nd  before your scheduled departure date and you must meet all other requirements set forth above.
  4. All results of the COVID 19 PCR test, genomic sequencing test, and serology tests should be emailed to the Director General of Health at  [email protected] and Dr. Robert Thomsen at email email  [email protected]
Always remember to check with your airline, your itinerary and requirements at the time of boarding, to comply with the protocol and restrictions according to the destination you are going to.

 Tips before departing

Faleolo international airport (APW)
  Make sure you arrive at Faleolo international airport (APW) at least 3 hours before the flight if it is an international flight or 2 if it is a domestic one.

  Check the luggage limits (size, weight, items forbidden, etc) with your airline.

  Have all the documentation to carry out the check in (ticket, passport, Visa).

  Check the  Transportation available towards the Faleolo international airport (APW) and the Terminal where you depart. If you arrive at the airport by car check the airport   Parking facilities.

  Check the   Facilities and Lounges (if there are) within the airport grounds, to organize your waiting.

  Once inside the terminal, look at the electronic screens to know the status of your flight. If necessary, declare your new electronic devices at the Tax office.

  At the check-in desk (if necessary) you can check the big baggage, show your ticket (printed or in your phone) and passport and receive your boarding pass. In case you do not need to check a luggage, some airports have self-service check in kiosks where you can get and print your boardking pass.

  Then, at the security control area, if you bring a laptop or a similar device, in you cabin luggage, you will have to place it outside the hang bag. After passing the security area you will get in at the boarding zone. Check you boarding gate and wait the airline call, always having in hand your passport and boarding pass.

  If you are a handicapped passenger, you should coordinate your trip with your airline at least 48 hours in advance and check the  Disabled Passengers facilities. Enjoy your flight!