Long layover at Vitória airport (VIX) or in nearby hotels

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Possibility to spend the night at Vitória airport (VIX), if open 24 hours. Services available, places to rest (free resting zones), or look for the list of nearby hotels and vip lounges.

Layover guide. Sleeping facilities in the public zone or boarding area

Speding the night at the airport
Although Vitória airport is not very large, it is open 24 hours a day, so layover passengers can spend the night inside the enclosure.
Where to rest: The airport facilities are not very comfortable for resting. Therefore, it is best to have a sleeping bag or blankets in case your only option is to lay on the floor. The best alternative could be to arrange your transfer in advance by getting in touch with one of the hotels in the surroundings.
Baggage: There is a left luggage service on the first floor, but it only operates from 4:30 am to 9:00 pm, so you will have to keep your bags with you until check-in.
Eating and drinking: Available eateries close at night.

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Nearby Hotels

The enclosure does not provide accommodation. The closest hotels include: Artsy Vitória Hostel (Tel +55 27 3314 5954), Quality Hotel Aeroporto Vitória (Tel +55 27 3183 3800), Hotel Aeroporto Vitória (Tel +55 27 2127 3100), Ibis Vitória Aeroporto (Tel +55 27 3041 4900), Motel Panorama (Tel +55 27 3328 0802), Pousada Rio Madeira (Tel +55 27 3337 9727), Villa Norma Suítes (Tel +55 27 3337 4720), Bristol Diamond Suites Hotel (Tel +55 27 3395 3400), Lord Hotel Camburi (Tel +55 27 3395 1500), Inter Hotel (Tel +55 27 3337 3075).

Latest updates: August 06, 2018

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