Saransk airport (SKX)

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Saransk Airport, opened in 1960, serves the Mordovia area. It operates with domestic flights, especially to Moscow. As it will be one of the seats for the 2018 World Cup, it is currently being remodelled.

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Number of Terminals - 1 - Open 24 hours a day.
Airlines: Aeroflot, Pobeda, S7 Airlines, Saratov Airlines.
Annual passenger traffic: More than 31,000 passengers went through it in 2016.
Tel: +7 834 246 2222 / 2366.


Saransk airport is situated 7 km (4 miles) southeast from the city of the same name.

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Avis (Tel +7 834 222 3707) has offices inside the enclosure, open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


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The airport has an ATM and a post office.

Food and Drinks- Inside the terminal there is a coffee shop.
Shopping- Newsagents, souvenirs and accessories.
Baggage- Secure luggage wrapping services available. Luggage storage on the first floor. Enquiries about lost property should be directed to the offices of the corresponding airline.
Other Services- Medical clinic, nursing room.


Bus - You can reach the city centre through line 7 or minibus 15, which leave from the stop at Sportkompleks Mordoviya, a few minutes away from the terminal. Services stop at Remzavod, Pushkarskie Vyselki, Dom Soyuzov and Tsentral'nyy Market. They operate every 20-35 minutes from 6:25 am to 10:00 pm. More information: Tel +7 834 223 2797 / 247 6770.

Taxi - There are no fixed ranks at the enclosure, so you will have to book a cab in advance. The trip to the city centre takes around 10 minutes.


The enclosure currently has a small, free, outdoor car park across from the terminal building.


Passengers requiring special assistance inside the airport, whether because of a disability or reduced mobility, or in the case of pregnant women or the elderly, should arrange the proper services with their airline at least 48 hours before your flight.