Lounges, facilities and services (RNO)


VIP areas, business and financial installations, food, luggage, shopping and miscellaneous facilities in Reno airport (RNO)

Vip Lounges at Reno airport (RNO)

COVID-19 - Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the services and hours of the lounges may be subject to change as well as the capacity limit could be reduced. In turn, due to the changing situation, some rooms may even be temporarily closed.

 Which are the Vip lounges at Reno airport (RNO) and how to access:

Escape Lounge - It is situated between concourses B and C and opens from 4:30 am to 8:00 pm. Food and drinks, Wi-Fi, plugs for electronic devices, newspapers and magazines. Access: with American Express Platinum credit cards or by paying at the door (USD45.00).


Facilities and other services

Reno airport (RNO)

The airport has ATMs, mailboxes, VIP lounge, plugs for electric devices, public telephones and Wi-Fi access free of charge. The major hotels nearby provide business and meeting facilities.

Food and Drinks

Restaurants, fast food outlets, bars, cafés, bakeries and vending machines scattered throughout the enclosure.


There are gift shops, newsagents and retailers selling books, apparel and accessories, electronics, jewellery, sports goods.


Trolleys available for USD5.00 outside the ticketing offices, inside the luggage reclaim area and in the parking lots. The lost and found department operates Mondays through Fridays between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm and can be contacted by calling Tel +1 775 328 6868 or at [email protected]

Other Services

Slot machines, children's play area, massage chairs, art exhibits.

Latest updates: August 02, 2022

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