Facilities at Marrakesh airport (RAK)

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VIP areas, business and financial installations, food, luggage, shopping and miscellaneous facilities in Marrakesh airport (RAK)

Vip Lounges and other services


Pearl Lounge (Arrivals) - Ground floor of Terminal 1, open 24 hours a day. Maximum stay: 3 hours. Children's area, smoking sector, computers, air conditioning, drinks, Wi-Fi, TV, refreshments, showers, press. Access: with Priority Pass, Lounge Club or Diners Club membership.

Pearl Lounge (Departures) - Available around the clock on the first floor of Terminal 1. Maximum stay: 3 hours. Games room, children's area, prayer room, smoking sector, computers, air conditioning, beverages, Wi-Fi, TV, snacks, showers, newspapers and magazines. Access: with Priority Pass, Lounge Club or Diners Club membership.

Salon Convives de Marque - Open 24 hours a day and situated by gates 1-2 of Terminal 1. Beverages, snacks, Wi-Fi, workstations, TV, newspapers and magazines. Access: by paying at the door.


Facilities and other services

The airport has banks, currency exchange bureaus (24 hours a day), ATMs, mobile phone service and prepaid Wi-Fi access. Meeting and conference facilities at several hotels nearby, such as the Sofitel.

Food and Drinks- Inside Terminal 1 you can find different coffee shops.
Shopping- Duty-free stores in the Departures area of Terminal 1, flowers, cosmetics, sweets, handicrafts, clothes, jewellery, accessories, tobacco, newspapers, magazines, local products, books.
Baggage- Enquiries about lost luggage should be directed to the offices of the appropriate airline.
Other Services- Medical assistance, pharmacy.

Latest updates: May 19, 2019

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