Puerto Iguazú airport (IGR)

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Puerto Iguazú airport (IGR)

Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport is important because it is located at a strategic point close to the international border with Brazil and Paraguay called Triple Frontera (Triple Border), and also because of its proximity to a national and international tourist site. It basically operates with domestic flights.

Official Website: aa2000.com.ar

Number of Terminals - 1 - Open 24 hours a day.

Annual passenger traffic: More than 400,000 passengers went through it in 2021.

Tel: +54 3757 421 996. - FACEBOOK


The airport is located 25 km (17 miles) southeast from downtown Puerto Iguazú.

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What services does Puerto Iguazú airport (IGR) facilities include

The Aeropuertos VIP Club lounge is located across from gate 1 (temporarily closed); the maximum stay is 3 hours and it offers TV, air conditioning, newspapers and magazines, telephones, Wi-Fi, computers, refreshments, drinks (access with VIP Club membership or by paying at the door - USD36.00).

Food and Drinks

There is a coffee shop and a restaurant on the top floor.


Convenience stores and shops selling regional products, jewellery, newspapers and magazines.


Secure luggage wrapping available. For enquiries about missing luggage, contact the offices of the corresponding airline or the airport police (Tel +54 3757 420 618 ext. 777; e-mail: [email protected]).

Other Services

Travel agency.

Public and private transportation


Four Tourist Travel (Tel +54 3757 422 743 / 420 681 / 301 031 / 1530 1023) and Nordic Travel (Tel +54 3757 429 223 / 549 518) make trips from the airport to different tourist destinations and hotels in the area. Offices are located in the main hall of the Arrivals area.

On the other hand, at the last bay of the bus area, you can board services from Río Uruguay (Tel +54 376 459 6700) to the waterfall access and Puerto Iguazú Bus Station. Other stops include Av. Victoria Aguirre, Av. Córdoba, Av. Misiones, Av. Brasil, Av. Tres Fronteras and Hito Tres Fronteras.

Due to the closure of Posadas airport, from June 16 until October 4, there will also be direct buses from Posadas Bus Station to Iguazú airport and vice versa ($4000) and free transfers from the airport to Puerto Iguazú Bus Station and vice versa. To get access to this benefit, you must fill the following form.


In the Arrivals Hall, you can find desks to hire cabs from Asociación de Trabajadores de Taxis de Puerto Iguazú (Tel +54 3757 1555 8129) and remises (VIP taxis) operated by Remisses Aeropuerto (Tel +54 3757 1541 6101). Journey time to the city centre is about 15 minutes.

Car rental agencies

Counters are located in the Arrivals Hall.

  1. Alamo (Tel +54 3757 420 214 / 421 764 - 9:00 am to 8:00 pm)
  2. Avis (Tel +54 3757 424 125 / 1554 7592 - 8:00 am to 9:00 pm)
  3. Easy Rent (Tel +54 3757 422 474)
  4. Europcar (Tel +54 3757 421 660 - 8:00 am to 10:00 pm)
  5. Forest Rent a Car (Tel +54 9 3757 1550 5603 / 1561 3812)
  6. Hertz (Tel +54 3757 420 811 / 810 222 4378 - 7:00 am to 11:00 pm)
  7. Like Rent a Car (Tel +54 3757 763 2694)
  8. Wonder (Tel +54 3757 423 362)

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Parking services at Puerto Iguazú airport (IGR)

An uncovered parking area is available for short- and long-term stays. The first 15 minutes have no charge. You can pay with a debit or credit card, or in cash (pesos, dollars, euros).

People with disabilities are exempt from car park payment. It is requisite that the vehicle has the International Access Symbol (SIA) fixed or mobile and the passengers with disabilities must be present.



Facilities for passengers with special needs

There are access ramps, adapted telephones and toilets, and reserved parking spaces. Passengers requiring special assistance or wheelchairs should notify their airline about their needs prior to their arrival.

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