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VIP areas, business and financial installations, food, luggage, shopping and miscellaneous facilities in Bonaire international airport (BON)

Vip Lounges at Bonaire international airport (BON)

*Please note that hours and access conditions may vary at any time.

 Which are the Vip lounges at Bonaire international airport (BON) and how to access:

Sky Lounge Bonaire - Located next to boarding gate 3. Open from 4:00 pm to 7:45 pm during the summer and from 5:30 pm to 9:15 pm during the winter. The maximum stay is 2 hours. Printers, drinks, computers, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, newspapers and magazines, fax, snacks. Access: with DragonPass membership.


Facilities and other services


The airport has ATMs, public telephones and a VIP lounge.

Food and Drinks- Restaurants in public area and the Departures Hall.
Shopping- Stores selling souvenirs, liquor, tobacco, Dutch cheese, perfumes.
Baggage- For any issue with your luggage (loss or damage), get in touch with your airline.
Other services-


Latest updates: November 19, 2019

  Bonaire international airport (BON)

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