Airports in Cape Verde

The main airports in the country included in our guide are listed below

Espargos airport
CORONAVIRUS: Check the restrictions in force with your airline or by contacting the airport, taking into account its origin and destination. In the case of international flights you can see the situation of each country at International Map current country restrictions.

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Information about Cape Verde
Population: 499.796 (2008 est.)
Capital: Praia (113.664 inhab. - est. 2005)
Official Languages: portuguese
The flag carrier of Cape Verde is TACV Cape Verde Airlines.
Main cities: Praia, São Vicente, Santa Catarina, São Filipe.


According to your nationality, before planning your trip, please check with the embassy or consulate of Cape Verde in your country of residence Cape Verde, if you need Visa in order to enter the country. Make sure to have the health insurance required and the valid passport, as well.

In addition to passport and visa, if you plan to travel to Cape Verde, whether for business or pleasure, we suggest to review the following information: International Airports - Airport Safety Rules - baggage allowance, size and weight restrictions - Most visited cities - Driving in Cape Verde - Electricity - Time Zone - Business hours - National Holidays - Weights and Measures - Rules of Etiquette and Commercial Practices


Currency: Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)

Time Zone: (GMT-1)


Covid-19: Regulations for travel to Cape Verde

Travelers can enter Cape Verde by plane or by sea. All travelers are required to undergo temperature control upon arrival. Travelers must present a health pass before checking into hotels and other tourist accommodation and when attending large sporting, cultural, social and entertainment events. As a health pass, proof of vaccination, negative test for COVID-19 or proof of recovery from COVID-19 can be presented. This requirement does not apply to travelers under the age of 18 accompanied by their parents. Unvaccinated travelers from a country considered "low risk" must present a negative result of an RT-PCR test (NAAT) or antigens (rapid test) performed 72 hours for RT-PCR (NAAT) and 48 hours for antigen test (rapid test) hours before leaving for Cape Verde. Visitors with the complete regimen and valid vaccination certificates do not have to present a negative COVID-19 test. Details and exceptions Non-vaccinated travelers must prove negative for COVID-19 in RT-PCR swab or rapid antigen test issued by an accredited private laboratory. It is also required to prove a negative result to travel between islands. This requirement does not apply to children under 12 years of age, travelers vaccinated with a full schedule who have a vaccination certificate, or travelers who have a COVID-19 recovery certificate. Quarantine requirements Travelers from the United States are not required to quarantine when entering Cape Verde. Details and exceptions Travelers are not required to quarantine upon arrival in Cape Verde. Health declaration form Pre-registration form Travelers should fill out the online pre-registration form, preferably 5 days before traveling to Cape Verde. Travelers under 2 years of age and travelers residing in Cape Verde are exempt from this requirement. Health declaration form for travelers traveling between islands