List of Airlines at (CLO) airport


The following is a list of airlines serving Cali airport (CLO)


American Airlines

International destinations:
(057-2) 8927256

Airport location:
Second floor / Location 2270


Domestic Destinations:
Bogotá, Rionegro, Cartagena, Pasto, Tumaco.

International destinations:
Miami, New York, Madrid, Guayaquil.
(+57 -2) 321-3434 – Local Line: (+57) 01 8000 95 3434

Airport location:
Second Floor National Terminal – Second Floor International Terminal


Copa Airlines

International destinations:
Tocumen (Panama)
Local line: 01 8000 112600

Airport location:
Second Floor / National Terminal


Domestic destinations:
Quibdó, Puerto Asís, Ibagué, Neiva, Bucaramanga, Villavicencio, Tumaco, Rionegro and Pasto.
(57-2) 4851050 – 2855959

Non-airport location:
Second Walk / National Terminal

GCA Airlines

Domestic destinations:
Cartagena and barranquilla
Local Phone: (2) 3989301

Airport location:
Second floor National Terminal


International destinations:
Chile Santiago

Local Phone: (1) 348 95 81 – Mobile: (031) 348 95 81


Domestic destinations:
Bogotá, Cartagena and San Andrés.

International destinations:

(+57) 3168302756 – 3183060839

Airport location:
Second Floor / L- 2284/2285


Domestic destinations:
Guapi, Ipiales, Puerto Asís, Tumaco, Pitalito, Florencia, Medellín, Villagarzón.

(57 + 2) 8857709 – 666 33 70 – 666 32 95

Non-airport location:
Second Floor / L- 2286


International destinations:
Fort Lauderdale
(2) 641 0403 – 641 0404 – 641 0405. Opening hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Airport location:
Second Floor / International Terminal


Domestic destinations:
Guapi, Timbiquí, El Charco, Ipiales.

(+57) 313 6608202

Airport location:
Third Floor L- 3242


International destinations:
(057-2) 5545161

Airport location:
Second floor / counters: 19 – 20

Viva Air

Domestic destinations:
Medellín, Cartagena, San Andrés, Barranquilla.
Tel Cali: (2) 4856666


Domestic destinations:
San Andrés, Cartagena

International destinations:
Balboa (Panama)
(057-1) 307 8133 – National: 01 8000 111 115

Airport location:
Second Floor / L- 2271


Latest updates: March 02, 2022

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  Baggage weight limits, restricted and prohibited Items
  Baggage and excess billing rates
  Requirements for minors traveling alone or without parents
  Special passengers needing prior coordination with the airline: people with disabilities, reduced mobility and pregnant women
  Lost, delayed or damaged baggage reclaim
  Possible flight's changes of date or cancellations
  Confirmation of flight schedules (departures or arrivals)
  Flight status report (for possible delays, cancellations, rescheduling)
  In case your airline reschedules your flight, coordinate with the company for possible compensation, due to extra nights accomodation, food, flight connection lost, etc.
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