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Cacoal airport, opened on march 27th 2010,  is an airport serving several cities of Rondonia state, such as Pimenta Bueno, Espigão do Oeste, Rolim de Moura, Ministro Andreazza and São Miguel do Guaporé. 

Official Website:
Number of Terminals - 1 -
Airlines: Azul Linhas Aereas
Annual passenger traffic: 25.959 in 2016
Tel. +55 69 3441-0390


Cacoal airport is located 8 km  (5 miles) to the south of Cacoal city in Rondônia state, Brazil.

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What services does Cacoal airport (OAL) facilities include

The airport also has security equipment, Internet, telephone, X-ray apparatus and the staff who attend the site were all approved in the course conducted by the National agency of Civil Aviation. A snack bar is also available inside the terminal.


Accommodation near Cacoal airport (OAL)

Hotel Darcisbel (5.4 km), Cacoal Palace Hotel (5.5 km)


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Public and private transportation

Taxi Cacoal  24 horas tel +55 69 99213-3717


Car rental agencies

Localiza Hertz tel. +55 69 3443-3300


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Parking services at Cacoal airport (OAL)

An open air parking lot is located at the right side of the terminal building.


Facilities for passengers with special needs

If you require special assistance, contact your airline at least 48 hours prior to your flight.

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