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Covid-19: Regulations for travel to Sint Maarten

  • Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Sint Maarten established a mandatory health pre-authorization request through an Electronic Health Authorization System (EHAS)  for every visitor arriving by plane, including transits, residents of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. Without pre-authorization from health, boarding will not be possible. Please note that processing time can take up to 12 hours. For visitors arriving by ferry from Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saba and Saint, Eustatius and agentless cruises,  requesting prior authorization from health through The Electronic Sanitary Authorization System (EHAS) is also mandatory. Other marine vessels, read the latest requirements here.
  • Requirements vary depending on the  country's risk status, which can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • All travelers who visited one of the following African countries within 14 days of travel to Sint Maarten will be denied entry: South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique.
  • All the travelers fully vaccinated countries in the category of very high risk should have 48 negative hours. PCR or negative 24-hour result. Result of the Ag test.
  • All fully vaccinated travelers from a country at high risk for Sint Maarten are exempt from a COVID-19 test. The date of complete vaccination cannot be later than one year, unless a booster injection was given before the end of the one-year period. The EHAS app has not yet been completed. The date of the vaccination must be presented, as well as a valid proof of vaccination (official vaccination card of the country or QR code, full name and name, dates of administration and batch number(s) of the vaccine) of the country where the vaccine was administered. A booster shot received must be indicated in the appropriate field and proof of this must also be carried.
  • You are considered fully vaccinated with an accepted vaccine:
    • 2 weeks after the second dose in a 2-dose series such as Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Sinopharm, Sinovac / Coronavac and Covishield or
    • 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine such as the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine, or
    • 2 weeks after the second dose in a serial combination of 2 doses of a single dose of Pfizer or Moderna with a single dose of Astra Zeneca, or
    • 2 weeks after a single dose of vaccine following a confirmed COVID-19 infection within 6 months of vaccination (will be indicated on proof of vaccination in the absence of a digital COVID-19 infection certificate).
    • Accepted Covid-19 vaccines are: Comirnaty (Pfizer), Spikevax (Modern), Vaxzevria (Astrazeneca), Johnson & Johnson / Janssen, Covishield (Astrazeneca), Sinopharm and Sinovac / CoronaVac.
  • All 5 unvaccinated children and age and old age ears must have a negative Covid-19 test according to the type of test required for the risk status of the country of origin. For the 5-10 year age group, an oropharyngeal swab will also be accepted.
  • The government of Sint Maarten has implemented mandatory COVID-19 insurance for all passengers traveling in Sint Maarten, with the exception of residents of Sint Maarten, transit passengers depart on the same day (check box), flight crews (box (box) selection), cruise ship crews in transit (selection box), French citizens residing in France or a French territory, BES-ZVK policyholders (selection box) and AUC teachers and students (special procedure). Insurance policy is an integrated step in the EHAS app. Travelers requiring COVID-19 insurance you must complete this process at the time of enrollment.For more information and any questions related to COVID-19 insurance, visit or contact customer service at  [email protected]
  • The application must be  completed  to be processed. This includes proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, information on vaccination status (including official proof of full vaccinations if fully vaccinated) and mandatory purchase of COVID-19 insurance if necessary. Children must have the online health form completed by their parents. Please provide a personal work email address where I can contact you.
  • All arriving passengers are subject to temperature controls  and other control protocols and may be subject to  mandatory testing at their own expense . If you do not meet the Health Checkpoint assessment upon arrival, you will not be allowed into St. Maarten and will be sent back to your home country. If the test is done again on arrival, you will be asked to  isolate or  put in  quarantine  at their place of accommodation / residence until the test results are known.
  • Applicants will receive  confirmation  of their accepted application. Uncompleted orders will be automatically deleted one day after the travel date provided.
  • If  the health authorization is pre-approved, you will receive a pre-authorization PDF (printable) by email, which must be presented at check-in and to the health and immigration authorities upon arrival. This PDF will also contain a QR code that will display the vaccination status and COVID test result when scanned. Always keep the original antigen or rt-PCR test result and vaccination test with you. Also check your spam/junk folder if you haven't received a reply. If your health authorization is not pre-approved, you will receive an email informing you that your health pre-authorization has been denied.
  • As  Saba  has its own operational EHAS, same-day travelers traveling to Saba no longer need to subscribe to the Sint Maarten EHAS system, but only to the Saba EHAS system, which can be found  HERE . Proof of Saba EHAS approval must be presented in transit at Princess Juliana Sint Maarten Airport.
  • Compliance with all other safety and hygiene protocols is mandatory, such as social distancing, mandatory use of masks and hand disinfection.
  • Travelers who are not fully vaccinated and who reside in a low-risk country, but who have visited a high-risk or very high-risk country in the 14 days prior to departure from Sint Maarten, must also have an rt-PCR test for SARS. -VOC-2 virus carried out in the country of origin in 72 respectively 48 hours before departure to Sint Maarten (last step in case of connecting flights).
    • Travelers  transiting a country in a higher risk category than the country of departure  must meet the testing requirements applicable to the country they are transiting.
    • RT-PCR and the antigen in the test sample for the SARS coronavirus virus-2 must be obtained by a aso-pharyngeal swab in adolescents and adults. An oropharyngeal smear is acceptable for children.
    • Results from the covid-19 household collection test kits will also not be accepted. 
    • The original test result to be uploaded as part of the EHAS application procedure must clearly specify the name of the laboratory or clinic, the full name of the test subject, the type of test administered, the name of the antigen test, the date of the sample , the origin of the swab, the result date. and a negative result. Non -conforming test results, hand-written statements or e-mail from physicians will not be accepted.
    • Candidates with a recent COVID-19 infection and still  a positive COVID-19 test  will only be allowed to enter a post-rt-PCR test result when the Ct value is above 35. The Ct value must be clearly indicated in the test result.
Always remember to check with your airline, your itinerary and requirements at the time of boarding, to comply with the protocol and restrictions according to the destination you are going to.

 Tips before departing

  Make sure you arrive at Sint Maarten airport (SXM) at least 3 hours before the flight if it is an international flight or 2 if it is a domestic one.

  Check the luggage limits (size, weight, items forbidden, etc) with your airline.

  Have all the documentation to carry out the check in (ticket, passport, Visa).

  Check the  Transportation available towards the Sint Maarten airport (SXM) and the Terminal where you depart. If you arrive at the airport by car check the airport   Parking facilities.

  Check the   Facilities and Lounges (if there are) within the airport grounds, to organize your waiting.

  Once inside the terminal, look at the electronic screens to know the status of your flight. If necessary, declare your new electronic devices at the Tax office.

  At the check-in desk (if necessary) you can check the big baggage, show your ticket (printed or in your phone) and passport and receive your boarding pass. In case you do not need to check a luggage, some airports have self-service check in kiosks where you can get and print your boardking pass.

  Then, at the security control area, if you bring a laptop or a similar device, in you cabin luggage, you will have to place it outside the hang bag. After passing the security area you will get in at the boarding zone. Check you boarding gate and wait the airline call, always having in hand your passport and boarding pass.

  If you are a handicapped passenger, you should coordinate your trip with your airline at least 48 hours in advance and check the  Disabled Passengers facilities. Enjoy your flight!