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Olaya Herrera Airport, opened on July 5, 1932, is one of the air terminals in the area of Medellín and the main regional airport in the country. It basically operates with domestic flights.

Official Website:
Number of Terminals - 1 - Open between 4:30 am and 6:00 pm.
Annual passenger traffic: Around 1.1 million passengers went through it in 2015.
Tel: +57 4 365 6100. There are information points next to the terminal access.


The airport is located within Medellín, to the southwest of the city centre.

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Bus - There are different routes that run close to the airport and head to the city centre and the surroundings. The Transportes del Sur Terminal is located about 100 meters away from the enclosure.

Taxi - Official operators are Coopebombas (Tel +57 4 444 0000) and Aerotaxi (Tel +57 4 235 7171). Rates vary according to the destination and the trip to the city centre takes around 10 minutes.




The airport has ATMs, currency exchange bureau, public telephones and free Wi-Fi access.

Food and Drinks- Bars, coffee shops, confectioneries, fast food outlets and restaurants on the first and second floors.
Shopping- Options include stores selling fashion and accessories, sundries, sweets, alcoholic beverages, electronics, books.
Baggage- Enquiries about lost property should be directed to the airport information desk.
Other Services- Travel agencies, lottery.


A parking area is available in front of the passenger terminal, monitored 24 hours a day and with spaces for motorcycles.


Facilities are basic, including ramps, escalators, lifts, adapted restrooms and reserved parking spaces. Wheelchairs available by previous request from your airline.


The enclosure does not have accommodations, but its location inside the city means there is a wide offer nearby. Hostal Monarca (Tel +57 314 727 2724), Metropol Hostel (Tel +57 310 406 4008), Hotel Praga (Tel +57 4 285 2555), Portal del Rodeo Aparta Hotel (Tel +57 4 342 9797), Hotel Alameda de la 10 (Tel +57 4 448 2700), Ibis Medellín (Tel +57 4 444 1554), Poblado Luxury Suites (Tel +57 312 752 0745), Hostel El Alternativo (Tel +57 4 589 8520), The Sugar Cane Hostel (Tel +57 4 581 0023), Los Patios Hostal Boutique (Tel +57 4 366 8987).

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