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Mataveri International Airport or Easter Island Airport, opened in 1967, is the most remote in the world, since the closest air terminal, Mangareva, in French Polynesia, is located 2603 kilometers (1617 miles) away. It operates with regular flights to Santiago de Chile and Papeete, in Tahiti.

Official Website:
Number of Terminals
- 1 - Open from 10:00 am until the last flight.
Annual passenger traffic: More than 220,000 passengers went through it in 2016.
Tel: +56 32 210 0237.


The airport is located 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) to the south of Hanga Roa, in the island of Rapa Nui.

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Taxi - While cabs are available outside the passenger terminal, they are not frequent, so you are advised to arrange your transfer with your travel agency. The trip to downtown Hanga Roa takes around 5 minutes.




The airport has public telephones and free Wi-Fi access.

Food and Drinks- The terminal has a coffee shop.
Shopping- Souvenir and handicraft stands.
Baggage- Luggage storage in the central hall. Enquiries about missing baggage should be made at the offices of the corresponding airline.
Other Services-


The enclosure has a free, outdoor and unpaved area in front of the terminal building reserved for parking.


Passengers requiring special assistance or wheelchairs should arrange the proper services with their airline or travel agency at the time of their booking.


Inside the terminal there are reservation counters. Most accommodations in the surroundings provide complimentary shuttle services for their guests. Tupa Hotel (Tel +56 32 210 0225), Iorana Hotel (Tel +56 32 210 0312), Hotel Manutara (Tel +56 32 255 1501), Hotel Taha Tai (Tel +56 32 255 1192), Cabañas Hare Henua (Tel +56 32 210 0238), Hotel Oceania Rapa Nui (Tel +56 32 210 0356), Hotel Puku Vai (Tel +56 32 255 1838), Cabañas Hinariru (Tel +56 982 854 067), Marae Cabañas Premium (Tel +56 32 255 1270), Tuava Bungalows (Tel +56 993 426 457).

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Latest updates: July, 05, 2017
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