Pereira airport (PEI)

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Pereira airport (PEI)

Matecaña International Airport, opened on August 7, 1947, serves the metropolitan area of the city of Pereira, the Risaralda department and the Eje Cafetero and Norte del Valle region. It operates with domestic flights and some international destinations in Panama and the United States.

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Number of Terminals - 1 - Open between 5:00 am and 0:00 am.
Annual passenger traffic: 1.9 million passengers went through it in 2015.
Tel: +57 6 314 1192 / 1195. There is an information desk on the third floor.


The airport is located 12 km (8 miles) to the west of Pereira city centre.

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Car rental companies

There are car rental desks from Autoplaza Colombia (Tel +57 6 314 2571) and Hertz (Tel +57 6 314 2678 - Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm) on the second level.


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What services does Pereira airport (PEI) facilities include

The airport has ATMs, currency exchange service, conference room and Wi-Fi access. The Avianca Sala VIP lounge is located next to gate 2, on the second level, and opens from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm; it offers TV, refreshments, drinks, air conditioning, newspapers and magazines, telephones, fax (access with Priority Pass, United Club or Air Canada Maple Leaf Club membership, executive class passengers from Avianca and Avianca LifeMiles Gold or Diamond, first or business class passengers from Star Alliance or Star Alliance Gold airlines, or by paying at the door - USD25.00).

Food and Drinks- On the second level there are several restaurants, fast food outlets, coffee shops, bars, icecream stores and confectioneries.
Shopping- Duty-free shops in the International Departures Hall, souvenirs, handicrafts, books.
Baggage- In case of missing luggage, head to the counter of the appropriate airline.
Other Services- Prayer room, lottery, travel agency.


Accommodation near Pereira airport (PEI)

The nearest accommodations include: Hotel Colombia Real (Tel +57 310 389 5934), Optimum Hotel (Tel +57 301 231 1425), Hotel Comercial (Tel +57 6 326 2828), Hotel Torreón (Tel +57 6 336 0340), Hostal Boutique Villa Juana (Tel +57 313 747 7769), Hotel Yellow Maraya (Tel +57 6 312 0721), Guagua Hostal (Tel +57 320 407 1085), Hotel Confort Cuba (Tel +57 316 692 8512), ApartHotel Pereira (Tel +57 316 832 6355), MH Hoteles Pereira (Tel +57 6 341 3010).


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Public and private transportation

Bus - Megabús line 25 (Tel +57 6 335 1010) travels to Estación del Viajero and surrounding neighbourhoods every 10 minutes, Mondays through Fridays between 4:30 am and 10:45 pm, Saturdays from 6:00 am to 10:45 pm and Sundays from 6:00 am to 9:45 pm.
Route 13 from AMCO (Tel +57 6 335 6535) goes to El Estanquillo, Campestre and Barrio La Libertad with a frequency of 15 min., while bus 26 runs to Pimpollo, UTP and Nacederos every 30 min.
Fares and timetables

Taxi - Outside the Arrivals areas there are vehicles from Asotama (Tel +57 312 245 4611 / 315 488 8660), offering services to all areas of Pereira and neighbouring cities. The trip to the city centre takes approximately 20 minutes.


Parking services at Pereira airport (PEI)

The enclosure has three areas for short- and long-term parking, located opposite the terminal building and linked to it through pedestrian bridges. More information: Tel +57 6 314 2685.


Services for passengers with special needs

Passengers requiring special assistance or wheelchairs are advised to notify their airline or travel agency about their needs prior to their arrival.