Catamarca airport (CTC)

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Coronel Felipe Varela Airport, opened on November 14, 1972, serves Catamarca province and basically operates with domestic flights.

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Number of Terminals - 1 - Open between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm.
Airlines: Aerolíneas Argentinas (Tel +54 810 2228 6527 / 11 4340 7777/7800).
Annual passenger traffic: 90,000 passengers went through it in 2017.
Tel: +54 383 445 3684.


The airport is located in the city of Las Tejas de Valle Viejo, 15 km (9.8 miles) to the south of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca.

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What services does Catamarca airport (CTC) facilities include

Food and Drinks- Choices are limited to a bar in the main hall of the Arrivals and Departures area.
- In case of missing luggage, head to the offices of the corresponding airline.
Other Services-


Accommodation near Catamarca airport (CTC)

The enclosure does not provide accommodations. The closest hotels are found in the city centre. Killa Hotel (Tel +54 383 154 780 966), Hotel La Aguada (Tel +54 383 447 0724), Apart Hotel La Concepción (Tel +54 383 442 6441), Apart Catamarca Chacabuco (Tel +54 383 154 080 068), Apart Hotel Urbanus Suites (Tel +54 383 442 5522), Hospedaje del Peregrino (Tel +54 383 443 1203), Puna Hostel (Tel +54 383 442 5296), La Alameda Apart Hotel (Tel +54 383 474 5862), Amérian Catamarca Park Hotel (Tel +54 383 442 5444), IntiHuasi Hotel (Tel +54 383 343 5705).


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Public and private transportation

Taxi - The service is provided by the government of Valle Viejo (Tel +54 383 344 0949). Vehicles are located outside the northern access to the terminal, in the Arrivals area. Journey time to the city centre is 20-30 minutes.


Parking services at Catamarca airport (CTC)

The parking lot is open and free of charge, and is situated opposite the terminal building.


Services for passengers with special needs

Facilities and dedicated infrastructure include ramps, lifts, adapted telephones and toilets, wheelchairs. Passengers requiring special assistance should inform their airline in advance.