Long layover at Tenerife South airport (TFS) or in nearby hotels

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Possibility to spend the night at Tenerife South airport (TFS), if open 24 hours. Services available, places to rest (free resting zones), or look for the list of nearby hotels and vip lounges..

Layover guide. Sleeping facilities in the public zone or boarding area

Spending the night at the airport
The airport is open 24 hours a day and operates with many flights and connections inside Europe, so it is not uncommon to find many passengers waiting for their flight departure during the night. It is not a very comfortable place for resting and it is pretty cold, noisy and bright. Therefore, it is recommended to have a sleeping bag, blankets, sleeping mask, earplugs or headphones.
Where to rest: In the check-in area there are some benches. The alternative is to sleep on the floor with something to keep warm. Inside the terminal there is also a VIP lounge, but it closes at night and the maximum stay is 4 hours. If the passenger finally decides to go to a hotel, there are several nearby.
Baggage: There is no left-luggage service inside the enclosure.
Eating and drinking: There are two eateries that remain open during the night in the Departures area, in addition to vending machines.
Wi-Fi: It is free and unlimited.
Other services available around the clock: ATMs, children's play areas, prayer rooms.

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Nearby Hotels

You can find numerous options in the surroundings, among them: Hotel Ucanca (Tel +34 922 390 776), Hostal Carel (Tel +34 922 176 898), Kn Arenas del Mar Hotel Beach & Spa (Tel +34 922 179 830), Los Amigos Hostel Tenerife (Tel +34 922 749 320), Apartamentos Isla de Oro (Tel +34 922 749 922), Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf (Tel +34 922 749 010), Hotel Playa Sur Tenerife (Tel +34 922 176 120), Vincci Tenerife Golf Hotel (Tel +34 922 717 337), Hotel Médano (Tel +34 922 177 000), Villa Melissa (Tel +34 603 228 126).

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