Long layover at Barcelona - El Prat airport (BCN)  9.3

Sleeping at Barcelona - El Prat airport

Staying overnight at the airport

Even though there are accommodation alternatives connected directly to the terminals or in the vicinity, not all passengers are willing to pay for one night when their flight leaves late at night or early in the morning.

In Barcelona El Prat, is very friendly to spend the night at the airport because it remains open 24 hours and even some cafes )including a Mc Donalds are open around the clock. 

Baggage: left-luggage in T1 is open the 24 hours. Therefore, if your flight departs very early in the morning, you can leave your baggage and take a rest quiet without having to watch your belongings. 

At the Mc Donalds located in T1, are located the most confortable seats to get some sleep. Anyway, because it is open the 24 hours, it is not really silent and dark. Just beside the restaurant Lizaran can be more comfortable and private and there are also other cafes that although they close at night, are more quiet and less bright, good to take a rest. In addition, the public areas of Terminals 1 and 2 have available seats without armrests which means you can put together 2 or 3 of them and fix a bed.

Bathrooms: are enabled during the night but don't  have showers. There iare only in the Vip lounges but they close at 11pm and just reopened the other day in the morning

WI-FI: Barcelona Airport has free internet and without limits and in addition multiple connection points in food area, VIP lounges and meeting rooms.


 Nearby Hotels


On level 1 of Terminal 1 there are private suites from Air Rooms (Tel +34 933 758 600). Next to the enclosure are found the TRYP Barcelona Aeropuerto (Tel +34 933 781 000) and the BAH Barcelona Airport (Tel +34 933 783 200). Some accommodations inside the city operate shuttle buses to and from the airport. Centre Esplai Hostel (Tel +34 934 747 474), Hostal Cal Siles (Tel +34 933 791 287), Sallés Hotel Ciutat del Prat (Tel +34 933 788 333), Hotel Sidorme Viladecans (Tel +34 932 993 658), Pensión Rosita (Tel +34 933 790 901), Hostal Carlos III (Tel +34 933 790 980), Best Western Hotel Alfa Aeropuerto (Tel +34 933 362 564).

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