Sliac airport (SLD)

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Sliac Airport, opened in 1944, serves the area of Zvolen and Banská Bystrica. It operates with seasonal charter flights to some destinations in Europe and Egypt.

Official Website:
Number of Terminals - 1 - Open Mondays through Fridays between 6:00 am and 4:00 pm.
Airlines: AMC Airlines, Bulgarian Air Charter, Corendon Airlines, FlyEgypt, Travel Service.
Annual passenger traffic: More than 35,000 passengers went through it in 2015.
Tel: +421 455 443 323.


The airport is located 8 km (5 miles) north from the city of Zvolen.

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The airport has Wi-Fi access free of charge in the Departures Hall.

Food and Drinks- In the Departures area there is a refreshments center and catering service.
Baggage- Enquiries about lost property should be directed to the offices of the corresponding airline.
Other Services- Travel agencies.


Bus - SAD Banská Bystrica (Tel +421 484 145 426 / 903 297 933) and SAD Zvolen (Tel +421 455 322 493) operate services from the airport to Sliac (5-minute trip; €0.60), Banská Bystrica and Zvolen (20 min.; €0.95). Other destinations include Badín, Kovácová, Breziny, Dobrá Niva, Babiná and Krupina. More information

Taxi - There are vehicles from Fun Taxi (Tel +421 481 6777) available outside the passenger terminal. The trip to the city centre takes less than 5 minutes.


You can find some hotels in the vicinity, among them: Kongres Hotel Gala (Tel +421 484 188 551), Penzión na Rozku (Tel +421 907 842 697), Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady (Tel +421 455 300 026), Villa Green (Tel +421 902 370 730), Villa Golf (Tel +421 907 818 210), Ubytovanie na Súkromí (Tel +421 905 259 363), Kúpel'ný Hotel Palace (Tel +421 455 443 794), Penzión Kastiel' Bocian (Tel +421 484 188 392), Relax Penzión Kovácová (Tel +421 915 822 267), Penzión MI-MA (Tel +421 455 442 040).


Booking accommodation

There are monitored spaces for short- and long-term stays opposite the terminal building, available 24 hours a day. Payment is made at an automatic machine situated in the Departures Hall (the first hour is free). Fees


Passengers requiring special assistance or wheelchairs are advised to arrange the proper services with their airline or travel agency or directly with airport staff at least 48 hours in advance. There are reserved parking spaces outside the Departures area.