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Irkutsk International Airport, opened on June 24, 1925, is an important airstation in Southeast Siberia. Being close to the Angara Reservoir, it is subject to a particular microclimate, with permanent fogbanks that often interrupt operations. In addition to domestic flights, it operates with international destinations in Eastern Europe and some countries in Asia.

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Number of Terminals - 2 - Domestic Terminal and International Terminal, open 24 hours a day and within walking distance of each other.
Annual passenger traffic: Around 1.7 million passengers went through it in 2016.
Tel: +7 395 226 6060 / 6922. Flight information: Tel +7 395 226 6277. Information booths on the ground floor of both terminals.



Irkutsk airport is situated 8 km (5 miles) southeast from the city of the same name.

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On the ground floor of the Domestic Terminal there are offices from Avis (Tel +7 924 703 7777) that operate from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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The airport has ATMs and VIP lounges. The Baikal Business Center Hotel, situated nearby, provides ample facilities for meetings and conferences.

Food and Drinks- Inside the terminals you can find some restaurants, coffee shops and bars.
Shopping- Duty-free items in the International Terminal, in addition to newsagents and tobacconists.
Baggage- Left luggage service on the first floor of the Domestic Terminal and on the second floor of the International Terminal (Tel +7 395 226 6194). In case of lost baggage, head to the counter of the appropriate airline.
Other Services- Medical clinic, baby care room, chapel, pharmacy.


Bus - There are different regular services that leave from stops 1 and 2 to the city centre, with a trip of about 30 minutes.

Tram - Line 4 runs to Kirov Square from stop 1, while route 6 connects the enclosure with Zhukovski station, leaving from stop 3. Journey time is approximately 30 minutes.

Taxi - Ranks are located outside the Arrivals Halls. It is advised to arrange a fare with the driver in advance. Travel time to downtown Irkutsk is around 15 minutes.


The Vozdushnaya Gavan (Tel +7 395 226 6104) is located 200 meters away from the airport. In the vicinity you can also find other options, among them: Zvezda Hotel (Tel +7 395 254 0000), Baikal Business Center Hotel (Tel +7 395 225 9333), Airport City Lodge (Tel +7 395 248 8271), Aero Hotel (Tel +7 395 250 0592), Hotel Albatros (Tel +7 395 272 4543), Hostel Bravo (Tel +7 983 693 9397), Hotel Solntse (Tel +7 395 225 5910), Irkutsk Hostel (Tel +7 395 248 1689), Khostel (Tel +7 395 248 1689).


Inside the enclosure there are two outdoor car parks for short and long stays, one close to the International Terminal and another next to the Domestic Terminal. The first 10 minutes have no charge.


The International Terminal has lifts, access ramps, adapted toilets and reserved parking spaces. If you should require special assistance or wheelchairs, inform your airline or travel agency about your needs in advance. More information: Tel +7 395 226 6435.

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