Long layover at Katowice airport (KTW) or in nearby hotels

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Possibility to spend the night at Katowice airport (KTW), if open 24 hours. Services available, places to rest (free resting zones), or look for the list of nearby hotels and vip lounges..

Layover guide. Sleeping facilities in the public zone or boarding area

Spending the night at the airport
Katowice airport is small and with clean facilities, and it is also open 24 hours a day. It is recommended to have a sleeping bag, blankets, sleeping mask and earplugs to enjoy a better rest.
Where to rest: Many passengers choose the observation desk, which has a few benches. On the first floor there are also darker areas with seats with no armrests, while on the second level of Terminal B you can find long, comfortable benches. In addition, in terminals A and B there are VIP lounges, although these close at night. If you finally decide to go to a hotel, there are several nearby, and some of them offer shuttle services.
Baggage: There are no left-luggage offices inside the airport.
Eating and drinking: Commercial stores close at night, so it is better to have refreshments ready in advance.
Other services available around the clock: ATMs, children's play area, baby care rooms.

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Nearby Hotels

There are no hotels inside the airport. However, you can find several options in the surroundings, some of them with free shuttle services for their guests. DeSilva Inn Katowice Airport (Tel +48 323 938 888), Hotel Iskra by Katowice Airport (Tel +48 323 801 072), Hotel Wilga by Katowice Airport (Tel +48 323 810 595), Noclegi Alda (Tel +48 322 845 038), Noclegi AirportPark (Tel +48 660 901 041), Noclegi Avoca (Tel +48 724 220 243), Gosciniec Pama (Tel +48 501 354 502), Zajazd Fakir (Tel +48 322 840 729), Gosciniec Paradise (Tel +48 322 887 676), Zlota Ges (Tel +48 326 741 846).

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