Long layover at Athens airport (ATH) or in nearby hotels

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Possibility to spend the night at Athens airport (ATH), if open 24 hours. Services available, places to rest (free resting zones), or look for the list of nearby hotels and vip lounges..

Layover guide. Sleeping facilities in the public zone or boarding area

Athens airport (ATH)
Spending the night at the airport
Athens airport is open 24 hours a day and has modern facilities. It operates with many flights and connections around the globe, so movement inside the terminals is usually constant, even throughout the night. It is not very comfortable for a good rest, in addition to being pretty noisy. Therefore, it is recommended to have a sleeping bag, blankets, mask and earplugs.
Where to rest: Although the enclosure has numerous benches, these are uncomfortable to catch some sleep. On the Departures level there are different VIP lounges for passengers with a bigger budget. However, these close at night and the maximum stay is usually 4 hours. SEE VIP LOUNGES On the other hand, there is a hotel in front of the Main Terminal.
Baggage: The luggage storage service is found on the Arrivals level, but it closes at night. This means you will have to keep your bags with you until checking-in.
Eating and drinking: Different options remain open during the night.
Wi-Fi: Free for 45 minutes.
Other services available around the clock: ATMs, currency exchange bureaus, commercial stores, porters, baby changing rooms, first aid clinic.

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Nearby Hotels

In front of the Main Terminal is emplaced the Sofitel Athens Airport (Tel +30 210 354 4000). Some alternatives nearby are: Peri's Hotel (Tel +30 229 408 3763), Holiday Inn Athens - Attica Av, Airport W (Tel +30 210 668 9000), Pantheon Hotel (Tel +30 229 906 3040), Villa Vravrona Tower & Suites (Tel +30 693 237 2449), Varaba Country House (Tel +30 697 907 6845), Apartments Tina (Tel +30 698 421 1880), Country & Sea (Tel +30 693 289 5605), Seaview Villa near Athens Airport (Tel +30 697 220 1181), Pavlos Villa near Athens Airport (Tel +30 697 220 1181).

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