Seoul Gimpo airport (GMP)

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Gimpo International Airport, opened in 1939, was the most important in South Korea until the construction of Incheon Airport. It concentrates numerous domestic flights and also operates with some international destinations in China and Japan.

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Number of Terminals - 2 - Domestic Terminal and Sky City International Terminal, open from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Connected every 5-15 minutes through a free shuttle bus service, between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm.
Annual passenger traffic: More than 25.1 million passengers went through it in 2017.
Tel: +82 1661 2626. Information desk on the second floor of the International Terminal, open from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm (Tel +82 269 250 660). Tourist office on the ground floor of the Domestic Terminal, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Tel +82 226 602 486/487).


The airport is located 17 km (10 miles) to the west of Seoul.

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AJ (Tel +82 226 661 121), LOTTE (Tel +82 226 638 000) and Pacific Rent-A-Car (Tel +82 226 641 466) have offices on the first floor of the International Terminal and operates from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


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You can find several hotels in the vicinity, among them: Lotte City Hotel Gimpo Airport (Tel +82 261 161 000), Mayfield Hotel (Tel +82 226 609 000), Hotel Nostalgia (Tel +82 226 910 075), Carib Hotel (Tel +82 105 665 0657), Royal Square Hotel (Tel +82 267 336 000), Dasan House (Tel +82 106 821 5028), Kotel Gimpo Airport (Tel +82 226 629 914), The Simple House (Tel +82 104 112 6831), Hotel Airport (Tel +82 226 621 113), Ramada Encore Seoul Magok (Tel +82 221 619 000). Some of them provide transportation to and from the airport.


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Bus - There are several services from the airport to surrounding areas, with numbered stops outside the Domestic and International Arrivals Halls and different lines departing from each one. Town buses head for Gwangju, Sadang, Gwacheon, Gangneung, Sejong, Gwangju, Namyangju, Dangjin, Daejeon, Deokso, DongDaegu, Dong Seoul, Suwon, Anyang, Dong Suwon, Anseong, Buk Cheongju, Seongnam, Sokcho, Suncheon, Ansan, O-Ri, Yongin, Wonju, Uijeongbu, Icheon, Jeonju, Jeungpyeong, Jinjeob, Cheonan, Cheongju, Chuncheon, Taebaek, Hanam.
City lines travel to Gochon, Haseong, Gimpo, Gwanghwamun, Seoul Station, Gaehwa, Banghwa Dong, Yeongdeungpo, Dangsan, Sinchon.
'Limousine' buses run to Jamsil, Gwangmyung, Yeongdeungpo, Dongdaemun, Seoul University, Dobong, Seongdong and Incheon Airport.
Other services offer transportation to Ganghwa, Gyoha, Bucheon, Incheon, Goyang, Paju, Songnae, Wonmi, Sosa and Gyesudong.
More information: Tel +82 220 640 508.

Metro - Line 5 runs from Banghwa to Sangil-dong and Macheon, with intermediate stops in Gaehwasan, Kkachisan, Yeongdeungpo, Singil, Gongdeok, Chungjeongno, Cheonggu, Wangsimni, Gunja, Cheonho and Gangdong. Line 9 connects Gaehwa with Sinnonhyeon, and also stops at Magongnaru, Yangcheon Hyanggyo, Deungchon, Seonyudo, Dangsan, Yeouido, Noryangjin, Nodeul, Dongjak, Gubanpo, Sinbanpo and the express bus terminal. More information: Tel +82 1577 1234.

Train - The express line A'REX (Tel +82 1599 7788) links Gimpo Airport with Incheon Airport (37 minutes) and Seoul Station (21 min.) Intermediate stops include Unseo, Cheongna, Geomam, Gyeyang, Digital Media City, Hongik University and Gongdeok, making it easy to make connections with the metro stations. It operates between 5:40 am and 0:30 am.

Taxi - Stands are found in front of the Arrivals Halls. There is a platform for short-distance cabs, which travel to the Gangseo, Yangcheon, Gyeonggi and Incheon areas, and a platform for intercity vehicles. Regular, luxury and jumbo cabs (for up to 9 passengers) are available. The trip to downtown Seoul takes around 60 minutes.

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Short- and long-term car parks available inside the enclosure. Valet parking service on the second floor of both terminals. More information: Tel +82 226 602 899 / 891. Prices

Domestic - Two areas next to the Domestic Terminal.
International - Underground lot situated opposite the International Terminal.
Cargo - Across from the cargo building.


Automatic doors, ramps, elevators, adapted toilets, accessible telephones and drinking fountains. Important information is available in Braille and there are designated parking places in front of the terminals.