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Real Time Flight Tracker - online flight schedule of departures from Hong Kong (HKG) airport, China.
Flight status and warnings about possible delays or cancelations.


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  Low cost airlines at Hong Kong (HKG)

AirAsia, Air Busan, Air Seoul, Cebu Pacific, Eastar Jet, HK Express, Jeju Air, Jetstar Airways, Jin Air, Lanmei Airlines, Peach, Scoot, Spring Airlines, T'way Air, Vanilla Air, VietJet Air.



 Make sure you arrive at the terminal at least 3 hours before the flight if it is an international flight or 2 if it is a domestic one. Check the luggage limits (size, weight, items forbidden, etc) with your airline.
Have all the documentation to carry out the check in (ticket, passport, Visa).
Check the Ground Transportation available towards the Hong Kong (HKG) airport and the Terminal where you depart. If you arrive at the airport by car check the Parking at the airport
Check the Vip Lounges and other services (if there are) within the airport grounds, to organize your waiting.
Once inside the terminal, look at the electronic screens to know the status of your flight. If necessary, declare your new electronic devices at the Tax office.
At the check-in desk (if necessary) you can let the big baggage, show your ticket and passport and receive your boarding pass (if you do not need to check a luggage, some airports have self-service check in kiosks where you can get and print your boardking pass.
Then, at the security control area, if you bring a laptop or a similar device, in you cabin luggage, you will have to place it outside the hang bag. After passing the security area you will get in at the boarding zone. Check you boarding gate and wait the airline call, alwaays having in hand your passport and boarding pass.
If you are a handicapped passenger, you should coordinate your trip with your airline at least 48 hours in advance and check the Disabled Passengers facilities. Enjoy your flight!