Low cost carriers and the traveling revolution

Low cost carriers and the traveling revolution

Until a couple of decades ago traveling by plane through Europe was a privilege for a few. In the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 1990s, The rail system used to be the transportation way most used within the old continent. But with the air deregulation process during the 90s, low cost flights started in the United States, and inmediately began its expansion in Europe.

EasyJetAt the beginning of the new millennium and after 11S, and together with the rise prce of crude oil because of the conflict in the Middle East, many airlines had to rethink their trading strategies. While the big ones were becoming complicated, low-cost airlines (led by Ryanair and EasyJet) began to tread steadily to the point where they were expanding the business and even building exclusive airports for their fleet.

This phenomenon increased the activity of the airports and the appearance of new ones in a context which were presumed to be very unfavorable for the commercial aviation. In turn, the internet has favored the travel and tourism business and today any user can search and book for low cost flights in an easy way.

For this reason, some of the traditional ones welcomed the low cost mechanism and this is the case of Iberia who set  the Iberia Express airline to compete with low cost and other powerful ones whose have limited their services and comfort with the purpose to offer more competitive rates.

It is also worth to know that the service quality is also in a low cost level. Armchairs almost without reclining, exhaustive controls in the cabin luggage, sometimes inconvenient schedules. Check baggage, travel insurance and service on board are not usually included on the flight purchase.

RyanairHowever, while the worldwide crisis has further reduced the quality of service, and adding many complaints from passengers,
It remains a valid alternative for those who prefer to resign quality in the service and get a reduced rate in return.

Low cost carriers and the traveling revolution



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