Coronavirus and FAQs at (FAO) airport

Coronavirus Answers and Frequently Asked Questions for Passengers at Faro airport (FAO)


World situation. General considerations
Due to the advancement of vaccination worldwide, documentation and testing restrictions have been eliminated in many countries. In fact, in some countries, by presenting the complete vaccination certificate against Coronavirus, RT-PCR or antigen test results are no longer required, nor is a health affidavit form.

However, we insist once again, that in the situation of constant changes, it is always important to consult and finalize details with the airline and, if necessary, with the airport as well as, in the case of international flights, with the embassy or consulate near the final destination, and also with the countries involved for connecting flights, if any.
In this sense, it is useful to review the International Map of the current restrictions of each country.


At the terminals of Portuguese airports, the use of a mask and compliance with the rules of physical distance are mandatory. Respect the respiratory label and hand hygiene. Travel safely at Portugal Airports. 


Passengers bound for Mainland Portugal or transferring: after check-in is mandatory filling in - preferably online - the Passenger Location Card ;

Passengers bound for the Autonomous Region of Madeira: filling in the Health Authority's epidemiological survey Regional (IASAÚDE), between 12 noon and 48 hours prior to departure;

Passengers traveling to the Autonomous Region of the Azores must complete a previous questionnaire from the Regional Health Authority in the 72 hours prior to departure;

In addition, passengers traveling to Portugal from South Africa, Brazil, Cyprus, India, Lithuania and Sweden must register their data at and fulfill mandatory prophylactic isolation for 14 days. Confirm with your airline whether the country from which you started your flight or made a stopover, these conditions also apply.


All passengers arriving in Portugal must present a valid RT-PCR test, with a negative result to COVID-19, performed within 72 hours prior to the moment of departure.

Children who do not have completed 24 months of age.

When traveling between Lisbon, Porto and Faro, there is no need to submit tests.

Prophylactic / Quarantine Isolation

Prophylactic isolation for 14 days is mandatory for passengers from one of the following countries: South Africa, Brazil , Cyprus, India, Lithuania and Sweden.

(Passengers on flights with initial origin in South Africa, India and Brazil, who have made a stopover or transit through other airports, and to passengers on flights, regardless of origin, who present a passport with a departure record from South Africa South and Brazil in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Portugal)

Confirm with your airline if the country from which you started your flight or made a stopover, these conditions also apply.


Latest updates: March 02, 2022

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